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Task Force Agila examines their hideout | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)


There's already a house here I'm sure we're already close to town

We have to split up so we can explore this entire mountain faster Let's split ourselves into three groups Soriano, go with Robles and the others Taduran, go with Villafuerte Keep a close eye on Clarice

Cardo, I'll go with you Let's go Be careful The forest is deep Let's meet back here once we're done

Be careful, okay? There are so many ants here! Are you okay? Do I look okay to you? What are we doing here anyway? I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for Cardo Stop whining You're the one who asked to come with us I should be at home right now, relaxing and taking my beauty rest But instead, I'm out here looking like a savage! Don't worry

You're the prettiest savage there is Let's go that way Oh my god! I remember this in my Police Training Academy Why, Robles? Was your training hard in America? – Yeah, it was – Wow

But it's a different experience here in the Philippines Really? But if you were to choose, do you prefer the Philippines or the place you grew up in? The Philippines, of course Why so? I like it here And Filipino men are one of a kind Wow! Wait, does this mean

there's a chance of you marrying a Filipino? – Yes – Wow! That's very good! You know, Robles, I'd go through the wildest forest, dive down the deepest lake, and climb the highest mountain to capture your heart! In other words, I will do anything for you! You're so cool, Sir Rigor! Just a little more, and she'll give in! Be quiet! You might jinx it Soriano shootsand scores! – Let's go? – Let's go! I could climb a mountain right now! Look Locals

There are too many houses here And there are people living in them Dalisay, I don't think it'll be safe for us to continue I agree, sir They'll surely recognize us once they see us

Let's just come back some other day It's too risky right now Alright Let's go meet the others

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