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Talia Ryder on the End of Senior Year & 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' | MTV News


– I have a lot of fun Pinterest boards with my friends and a lot of playlists we've made for when we're done with quarantine We're gonna have a great time and we're all really looking forward to that

As a senior though, I am disappointed that I won't get a traditional high school graduation But it is still an amazing accomplishment to all the seniors out there We've all worked so hard So many all-nighters pulled, so many essays turned in And that feeling of accomplishment is definitely still there

(upbeat music) I'm feeling pretty chill today Yesterday was a big homework day I had a couple of scripts to read and I got all that done, so, I feel chill right now I wouldn't say I'm too stressful of a person, But, I mean, it's really easy to get overwhelmed with everything that's going on nowadays School isn't too bad

My teachers have been really understanding with everything going on and the change of pace They've been chill with our workload I think it's now more big picture stuff that's been stressing me out I mean, reading the news really stresses me out Seeing how many people are being so negatively affected by quarantine and everything that's going on, that definitely stresses me out

Seeing people in power take advantage of reproductive rights and use the pandemic as an excuse to chip away at people's reproductive rights really stresses me out Working on 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' was an educational experience both as an actor and as a young woman Learning how unjust our laws are in our country and how really young women are targeted when it comes to reproductive healthcare and access to reproductive healthcare I hope that people watch 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' and are informed on laws that they may not have known existed I mean, living in New York state, I had no idea that in Pennsylvania, if you're under 18, you need to go before a judge and state why you deserve an abortion

I think that should be illegal Making a woman feel that her choice and her opinion isn't valid is a really big issue, and our movie shines a light on that I think, like everyone, I feel my proudest when I'm helping other people and when I make other people happy I've received a lot of really heartwarming messages from people who have seen 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' And seeing them connect to the movie and find sanctuary in my and Sidney's characters makes me really, really proud

I think I definitely have a love-hate relationship with social media, because first, it's so educational in researching for roles, in just, for learning purposes I can't tell you how many educational Instagram accounts I follow that give different facts and different information every day And you can truly connect to any type of person that you want to with a couple clicks It's literally insane I mean that's all amazing and at the same time there's a toxicity that comes with it and expectations and a facade that people, including myself, put up that you kind of have to balance and deal with

So, there's two sides but I think overall, I think it's a really great thing It's amazing, I never thought I would be in a position to have fans and have people appreciate my work and want to reach out about that So, it's really amazing, seeing that feedback and seeing how work that I've done has affected other people It makes me really, really happy I would just like to say, for everyone that is constantly looking at social media like myself and seeing everyone post what they're doing in quarantine and all of the productive things that they're getting done, that's awesome and I totally encourage that

I had some productive days but it is totally okay to be lazy for a little bit because that is so important I've had a lot of lazy days in quarantine and you should feel good about that, too

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