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Tag med ACES Esport & Entertainment til NPF 2019


HI! Hi! We have arrived at NPF now and have set up and we're actually going to play just a little bit and the reason you see me instead of not instead of Sofie, but instead of Julie it's because Julie got sick but so be content with me and then we just give it full trash and enjoy ourselves Peace !! See you !!! Okay, now we've got unpacked and we're going to play the first game against the 99X I think and we don't know exactly who it is, but we win, we obviously win Celine: Dead site Gray: I'm coming out the door syyyyyyyyyygt Wooohoooooooo COME SO GIRLS! WOOHOO We won, it was pee fat now we just have to go out and have a little break and then we are back and have to play our 2nd game towards a high school? I do not know We are going to play the 2nd game, which will come with an update later SES, PEACE! Now we're here to watch some of our good mates play HELLO! Woohooo !!! WOOHOO !! Gray: I put a flash Straight: I'm flasher Celine: Pull, pull down Gray: I'm pulling down now, SICK that Varno Right: At the back! Behind the site, behind the site Good: 1 window Gray: Yes, how crazy! WOOOOOO !! Gray: Yes, how crazy! WOOOOOO !! Okay: sick that Celine !! The time isI don't know, 3 at night I think yes 10 minutes at 3am and we played our last group match against I can't remember that How did that come about? We lost on Overpass, I can't quite remember it, 16-7, 16-6, 16-7, 16-8, something like that but in the circumstances, I actually think we've done really well and it's been fun, it's been some good matches, close rounds Now we are tired, we look forward to coming home and then we look forward to tomorrow, where various games and fun with friends will be enjoyed Sooo slept well! Good night! We are here on the 2nd day and we have a little fun and fun and we've been on a mud0w's stream with some sclerosis collection They had known to have donated DKK 43,000

VERY NICE! but we go around for a bit and then we have to go home and have some dinner soon and then it stands on some cozy cozy tonight, and we are looking forward !! Bye Bye!

Source: Youtube

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