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Taekook's past theory [Part 2/2]- Jungkook''s family situation+ breaking rumors


Hi everyone and welcome! This is the second part of the Taekook theory If you haven't seen the first video, you can watch it with the bio link

As you can see this video is about JK But before I start let me recap what I am going to show you So first of all, all this is only supposition, nothing is really confirmed and it is only an analysis but I will even bring out evidence to argue my statements So, honestly, I think Jungkook's sexual orientation has never changed (that's normal) and he knew it for a very long time, long before being part of BTS Which means that he's not straight! And I'll tell you why in this video (wow * – *) Anyway, let's get to the point In my opinion, JK is gay! I'm sure he doesn't like girls, but "hides" him Even if he's not good at it ☺☻ He fucks him up a bit with the girls For example when he was called "international playboy" (no need for trad, there is not even xD) In addition, Jk is a bit withdrawn with girls and it's a fairly common thing among gay guys I know a lot of people think gay people should be close to girls, but in fact they don't

This phenomenon is related to a psychological aspect which consists in being reserved with the girls in order to be forgotten by the latter Gays don't prefer to be friends with them so they don't reject them And I imagine it's the same for our little Goden Maknae He is afraid of rejection and it is normal he is in South Korea where the LGBTQ + community is taboo Also, I want to mention how unnatural it is for him to flirt or hang out with girls In the video: "blah blah blah is lazy to rewrite" (bio link) Kookie came out of the scene where he was flirting with other female idols In the video he looked sad and panicked

He asked Tae if he was natural and he said no Afterwards, Taehyung even told him that he had discovered a new person in Jungkook Which proves how unnatural it is for him to flirt Jungkookie even cried saying that his heart was hurting So why did he cry? I think there are two possible reasons First, it was just going against his nature that he made him feel bad and guilty But maybe it's also the fact that he flirted in front of his coupain? Taehyungie ~~ Mtn I will tell you about the old relationships of Jk pcq this can give us more details on his current life

And you will see he never had any girlfriends contrary to what people believe yes, in fact there are plenty of rumors that Junkook has been in a relationship with a girl However none is confirmed and I can tell you, none is real either In the photo I'm sorry but it's clearly not Jungkook This photo is supposed to be taken before he entered BTS so he must have been between 12 and 13 years old at the time Srx looks like a 12 year old child? I have pictures of Jungkook at the time, I'm showing you what he looked like

He had a bullet (jsp how to translate) and he was very small ☺☻ Let's all melt together Something in common?! NO And mtn I'm going to tell you about another video in which Jungkook talked about his old relationship even if it was not really one The video is the 6th episode of "American Hustle life" (I did not find the video because it is copyrig **** and unpublished currently but I can tell you and explain to you what Jk said The video does not no longer existed it was cut or whatever

) I found such an interesting excerpt but it is not exactly what I wanted to show you But I'll tell you about it later So in this video, Jk said something about his old crush

He said he knew one-sided love and he explained it I remember he said he liked someone who didn't love him back and that it was very hard for him But what I remember most is that he said "SOMEONE" Some translations were wrong and it was written as "she / her" But the truth is, Jk didn't mention the gender of the person he was talking about He just said "SOMEONE" If it was a girl, he could have said "She / her" but that was not the case and that is why I suppose he was talking about a boy Anyway, now I'm going to show you the excerpt I was talking about

Inside Jungkookie Tells Us He Doesn't Want To Be Married "I do not want to get married" "It's not that I don't want to, but I don't think I'm getting married" Here he clearly says that he wants to get married but it's as if he can't Funny fact: right after he was talking about TaeTae ☺☻ So if he wants to, why can't he? Well, simply because he is gay and gay marriages are not granted in South Korea Okay, now let's talk about the most important subject The family pdv There is not much to say but be sure that everyone has accepted Kookie's sexual orientation He always talks about his mom in episodes of RUN or Vlives for example

Which means he's very close to her and that she's Ok for that Same for his father He often says that he wants to be like him And for his brother, as you know, they are very close to each other They went to Jeju Island together and Jk often calls his brother

Also in Begin he sang for him That's it for this video For the end I just want to tell you something Jeon Jungkoo is the most "shippered" idol I will make a video of all BTS relationships and destroy your thoughts about your beloved ships It doesn't mean that I hate ships or I don't respect them

You can "shuffle" idols with others but do it smart Understand your idols and choose wisely 🙂 (Ex: Jimin and Rosé is impropable) Anyway, thanks for watching and don't forget it was a theory / analysis You can give me your opinion below Kisses and don't forget

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