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    T-Pain Shows Off His Atlanta Home | MTV Cribs


    It's a beautiful day in the neighbor of the hood MTV Cribs it's your homeboy T-Pain

    This is what we gonna do first though, I want you all to see my cars This is what I call the Lebron James [ghini 00:00:28] T-shirt and jeans addition It got a T-shirt on the outside, jeans on the inside That's how that is

    That's what we do Now if you want to wake up the baby, you call the big baby Ford F-650 right here Look how tall I ain't even look at this, who does this? Who can do this? Who would do this? Now some of you would not expect from T-Pain right now is a 2008 Scion XB

    Brand new paint job I want to show you my favorite feature of the whole car It's the best thing in the world Now let's go check out the inside Inside with the AC, best thing in the world right now

    This is where we chill at This is where the family be at, you know what I'm saying This is my wife right there, Amber Right next to her is little Lyric That's my daughter, yeah

    This is the grammy I got for, Good Life You know what I'm saying Kanye, appreciate it Make sure everybody see that, especially all the haters Let's move on to the food It's big time cooking in here right now, and I got a whole team baby, you don't even know

    Sub Zero dog It's cold as ice I'm be honest we just did this like 10 minutes ago It didn't look like this at all It's a whole cake in here, where the cake come from? Y'all just make that cake? Let's go to the master bedroom where I lay my head late at night

    Everything goes down in here 60 inch TV right here Same one I got in my living room Let's look at the bed shorty It's platform bed

    No it's not cheap This is probably way more expensive than the beds I've seen on Cribs but it's very easy to get out of In your face Let's go the bathroom baby Th is is one of my favorite parts

    I want to show you how the water come out That's just prestige right there Let's check out the shower I'm gonna show you a couple things We gonna turn this thing on

    This one here is called, sunny clouds Yeah Clouds go by It's a sunny day in my shower Now I want to show you something that I had to have in this house

    We got a blank bookshelf right here but it's also the way to get downstairs To the bat cave Let's go see the studios This is one of my three studios We got studio A, B and C

    Got everything you need man Got the brand new D-Link, 32 channel 30 inch screen right here So after all the work is done, we can go to where all this noise is coming from This is Club Nappy Boy right here

    As you can see this is where chill at My wife got me this as surprise with the house renovation The fiber optic stripper pole Got the bar back here DJ setup back here, DVD player

    Pretty much what we got, what we got, what we got We gonna check out upstairs but I don't like walking up stairs You know what I'm saying? I'm let you all walk and I'm take my elevator Sweet, upstairs we are I'm about to take you to the best game room that you've ever seen on Cribs

    This is way more than I've seen in anybody's game room on Cribs Time Crisis, who don't like Time Crisis? Come on, it's Time Crisis My daughter over there struggling to stand up on the arcade Now let's go check out the pool baby Outside is the best side

    All this at night light up, everything change colors This right here is the jacuzzi All you got to do is hit this button right here, bam You are way too far in my business right now So we gots to go

    Y'all seen my crib You gonna see about six, seven more of them Understand that

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