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Suspected gunman in custody, 4 officers hurt in Aurora shooting | CNN breaking news


Latest video updates regarding Coronavirus. Have a look at this “Suspected gunman in custody, 4 officers hurt in Aurora shooting | CNN breaking news” video below:

The suspected shooter in Aurora, Illinois, has been apprehended and police officers and civilians are among those hurt in a shooting at a manufacturing business, officials said.
Four police officers were injured as were a “number of civilians,” Ward 4 Alderman Bill Donnell told CNN, citing Deputy Mayor Chuck Nelson.
Some patients from the shooting were sent to Mercy Medical Center and Rush…..(read more)


  1. A black killer at Virginia Beach CA. Now watch the MSM and especially CNN try to spin the mass murder towards the President and the GOP. The evil DEMOCRAT PARTY always take advantage of tragedy. SHAME on DEMOCRAT PARTY politicians. This is a time to be calm and show sensitivity.

  2. i was in one of the school that went in lockdown. This was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever been through. I was terrified especially since my school was 5 minutes away from there

  3. Tough gun laws only put guns in the hands of criminals to use them against the defenseless. Gun laws beyond the laws we already have only restrict law abiding gun owners from being able to defend against shooters like this. He should have never had a gun to begin with. Why his background check didn't pull his previous arrests is a failure of the system designed to prohibit such from owning a firearm. If he had a laser sighting device on his gun is of no consequence here.

  4. Motive? He was having a breakdown bc he was being fired. Company failed to keep working place safe and free from violence. No one goes to work 15 years with a gun shooting co-workers. He was having breakdown company failed grade F- to keep working place safe and free from violence. Terrible.

  5. If the gunman was white this would have been deemed “racially motivated “. He was a black man in trouble. Still, some people use this to hurl insults toward President Trump and call for gun control. This past week in Kent County MI a young mother murders her 3 Beautiful little girls and turns the gun on herself in a schizophrenic state. Obviously the black man was not in his right mind much like this young mother. Instead of taking a wonderful chance to hit below the belt, look at the root of the problem. Mental health.

  6. Here we go again….and again….and again….Another DHS FEMA all agency DRILL; no one shot; no one killed or wounded promoted as real by the lying PROPAGANDA spewing CIA controlled main stream press all acted out by a bevy of CRISES ACTORS – who lie and never cry – all paid for by the American taxpayer YOU & ME!

  7. Worked there for 15 years… He's in his late 30s to early 40s… Still has a lot of energy and time left to give to the company… Most likely dedicated, seeing as he made a career of this position and company he worked for, seeing has he dedicated 15 years to the company… If his attendance and/or work performance wasn't up to their standards, they would of fired him 10+ years ago, meaning his attendance and/or work performance was up to par, otherwise he would have already been fired a long time ago. I'm sure this man didn't have mental issues. If he did, why hire him in the first place? If he did have mental issues, his job there might of been temporary. Therefore, he did work there for 15 years, seeing as he never had mental issues. With all of that said, why else would he fired? If there was nothing wrong with him, and he didn't have any health issues, what made them fire this man? Not to mention he's still 40 years young and still had tons of energy and time to burn to make the company money? What else could there be? Let me be honest… Most of the general population doesn't want to wake up and go to work. Reason being, there's a lot of negative people out there that drains your energy, your motivation to work. We call these people energy vampires. These vamps also attack with work politics, spreading false rumors of the person or people they are attacking. Making more employees have I'll feelings towards the person being attacked. The person being attacked will feel less and less motivation to come to work. These vamps will go so far as to frame you for theft. They will try to put something in your lunch box, either it be their belonging or a product of the company. Trust me, I've been through this bull shit. These work politics, which is probably false, will be heard from human resources, or the office. They will jot it down on your records and spy on you. They will continue to drain your energy and motivation to work. At the end, you will have lost the battle. Trust me, going to human resources and reporting these false statements and false rumors won't help… In the end, the whole company will be against you. The people it persons that started all that bull shit will try and do whatever it takes to get you fired. You will lose the battle no matter what. Than you will get fired like this guy being shown in the video. I'm sure he was holding his anger back, and the last thread, being so thin, broke. I know everyone deals with work politics. Whoever says they don't is the government trying to fool people into not seeing that work politics exists within 99.99% of all work ethics, either it be makeup artist or production worker. My theory is, this man might of missed days, and his work performance was beginning to diminish, due to being drained of motivation to work, by the person who aimed to get a dedicated worker fired. Again, he worked there for 15 years. He was dedicated. I'm sure he had meetings with his lead and supervisors about his work performance and attendance lacking, again, due to energy vampires. I can only guess he always had a gun on him, probably for protection, whoever it may have been from or whatever reason or another. At that meeting of his, he probably saw the people giving him a hard time at work, those vamps… Boss said he was fired, and than his thread broke, and than took out his gun and shot every person who fucked with him at work. Them working the work politics against him, them being the energy vampires drain his motivation to work. I the end, those negative people did ask for it, without asking for it. Get it…??? That is the only explanational reason for the shooting. The news likes to cover it up for their own reasons. They don't want people to know that you aren't free, that you are a slave to the government. That human resources won't help you, no matter what you tell them. The Company is against you, no matter what you do. They want you to not know about work politics, until it hits you, and you can't do a thing about it. No one is doing anything about this situation at all. No one mentions that they will work on work politics, all that they will say is they will work on the work economy. What use is it to work on work economy if you aren't gonna do anything about work politics? It's like giving a soldier a gun without bullets and telling him to run into a warzone. Why doesn't the news wanna announce the truth? They don't want others to hear the ugly truth and start a trend, killing energy vampires, the people the government needs to rough up the waters for them. The good people are always getti fired because the negative people attack. Now, if the truth was told, a trend will be start. And that will give the government more plates on their shoulders to work with, the one other thing they need, energy vampires. What good is it to not have them rough up the waters for us? It's the ugly truth they don't want happening people. Don't believe the fucken news. It's fake. What i said was more the truth than anything. The only reason why he shot his employees was due to work politics.

  8. How come CNN dropped this story so fast. Even if the guy is black does that mean they cannot push their gun ban agenda. I've never seen a network that refuses to show Black's in any other way than victim's.

  9. Yeah but you gotta understand some ppl at a job maybe deserved it I’m not saying it’s right Bc murder is wrong period… but I think they fucked this guy over come on 15yrs at a job and fired just like that is really odd to me…. let’s get to the truth maybe racism or just out right fucking with the guy

  10. I'm a Ups driver that would go there everyday so sad to find out that Vicente was one of the victims killed,, I would talk to him everyday,, so sad,, may god bless Vicente and his family and to all the victims

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