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[SUB ESPAÑOL] Stray Kids responde nuestras preguntas Stray MTV News


– Can you show your favorite dance step? – F: I don't feel anything I have nothing

Step Up! Hi, we are Stray Kids – Today we will be answering some “Stray” questions with MTV News – Oh, I hate this Because I? – Oh my god – What do you like most about yourself? – Oh I like the fact that – HJ: Beautiful face – Han: Yes – Felix: I like the fact that I can deepen my voice, so being able to rap with a deep voice feels great – IM: I like the dimples that appear when I smile – One more – What is the last picture you took? – HJ: Yesterday, I took a picture in Times Square, yes, it was great

-Yesterday, I also took a picture in Times Square and also today I took a picture of my face – Selfi – My face! – BC: Guys, are you ready? I will do it with my hands – Finish the sentence "I feel more creative when " – I feel more creative when I'm on the plane – I think that's when I produce some clues – Sometimes I believe many Recently create one for Hyunjin – I am currently working on Changbin's And, yes, who knows maybe he believes more songs it's okay – HJ: I feel more creative when does darkness surround me? -Han: Darkness surrounds you! – BC: When it's dark -HJ: Yes, when it's dark I create a choreography – BC: When it's dark

– HJ: Yes, when it's dark – BC: Oh yes, Changbin? – CB: When I take a shower -HJ: Me toox2 – CB: Because when I'm in the water – H: You have many ideas here – Yes, Massage – H: Yes, Brain Massage – IN: Let's go! – They are traveling the world: Have you noticed any differences between STAYS from different countries? – Good

Uhh! – BC: I feel that there is not much difference, – Do you understand what I say? – Yes Yes BG: The energy… that Stay gives us is not so different, but the country is different, but the energy that Stay gives us is always the same, it is always beautiful – CB: Countdown – 543 – F: There was a countdown! – CB: "19" is a very personal song Do you feel that you are still navigating in that confusing space between adolescence and adulthood? – BG: Let's ask this question to the creator of the song – H: Who is the creator? – BG: Do you know the creator? – H: Ah, I think he's the most handsome guy, yes

-No no no – H: No? Oh ok, no

Everyone is against me – Instead of being confused or making things feel complicated After turning 20, I couldn't see the difference between being 19 and being someone in their 20s – I want to minimize that younger image of myself and show a more mature side of who I am -H: Translate, let's go -BC: No! – H: Why not? – Wow – already, 1, 2, 3

– Lee Know: Remember- N / T: (Do you remember ~ First lyrics of the September song by Earth, Wind & Fire) – Do you remember the 21st night of September ~~ – LK: Do you remember the first letters you wrote? What were they about? – F: I have one… Basically, the song I wrote was called “Warrior's Descendant” And in- – CB: Really? – F: Yes, Yes “Warrior's Descendant” – Those were your first letters? – F: Yes, and it was also my first time writing in English and Korean, so it was very interesting And it was my favorite style of music It was like boom bap

– BC: And it's one of our favorite, too “Side to Side” – H: 1,2,3 – What, apart from Stray Kids and Stay, makes you happy? – H: Oh I think I'm happier when I'm eating cheesecake H: Cheesecake I love cheesecake – BC: And, since we're in New York maybe you can eat Cheesecake from New York – H: New York ~ Cheesecake ~ I love it, ok

– IN: I think I'm happier when I enjoy my hobbies – What is your Hobbie? – IN: My hobby is buying rings – BC: Ah, buy rings – He has that bling – HJ: I like Dramas

– BG: Korean dramas? – HJ: Yes, Korean dramas – BG: Korean dramas are Hyunjin's happiness – HJ: Yes, my happiness – [TRANSLATING] BC: I like to smell things or – Woojin: Yes, I like to smell perfumes – Yes – BC: Oh right, Woojin is he who has the most perfumes in the group Yes How many do you have now? – WJ: Ten

– BC: WOW! Amazing! – WJ: Oh yes, let's go – What is the recent personal goal they set themselves? – HJ: I want to introduce myself in a great stadium – BC: Oh, in a big stadium Great goal – HJ: Yes

– BC: While I'm here in America, I want to get a little more muscular (?) I will try to work on these packs – Yes, that is my goal – IN: Me, this is actually a goal that I set recently, but it is to think a little more positively – CB: A goal I set recently is to start learning languages ​​from many countries

I want to try to memorize and learn these different languages – LK: I haven't done this in a while, but I want to choreograph a dance routine for an entire song – BC: Any song? – LK: Any song Actually maybe not an entire song, but only to a certain extent – H: A while ago Chan hyung told me to try the New York Cheesecake – BC: Ah, yes – H: Yes, that is my new goal – H: I need to try it! Yes

– Seung Min: I, umm, want to improve, whether in dancing or singing or languages ​​or in my photographic skills Throughout – WJ: This is not a recent goal, it's really something I've always been thinking about, I want to become much cooler on stage – BC: I think we all forget something we have in common – We'll listen to

Stray STRAY KIDS ah Stray Kids – BC: I think they are good these days

– Yes

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