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(SUB ESP) BTS Deliver Heartfelt Messages To Their Future Selves For 'Map Of The Soul: 7' | MTV News


My 34 year old me The old Namjoon Ok, I'm saying, I'm asking Have you finally got your driving license? Hope so! BTS about what they would tell their self of the future and the message of their music Taehyung I hope seven years from now, you can grow a little more You may be a little taller than 180cm I hope so That is what I want to tell myself Oh, you measure 6 feet (182cm) I just need one more centimeter and I'm already Yes Yes 36 year old Jin Don't dance please Your bones are weak So, don't dance please Do not dance No, continue (dancing) – Nerd

– You can do it! Come on! Not really Yes dance? Not dance Half and half – Half, half, ok – Half, half Hi Jimin in 7 years You will always be my role model I am doing my best and creating good memories with these dear boys of my heart to be one day like you Until then, I will do my best See you soon Voucher! Ok, j-hope, how are you? Are you happy? Yes! Please, Please (be) happy always And also, I hope you still love yourself in seven years; This is what I really wanted to tell you Voucher Love yourself Voucher Hey, hey, JK Why didn't you study English? Please study English And please, (be) happy brother Please be happy OK, bye 35 year old suga I hope you are a little healthier Baby maybe a little less I hope you are happy and healthy I love you Q: Your music always carries a big message and talks about something you are experiencing personally What things do you think are important to say right now, especially that you have established yourself as global artists? You may think that our lives are glorious and ornate and that we have a life above, but we really also face our shadows in our lives and in the work we do But it's not just us, I think everyone goes through the same So we want to talk about how to overcome these shadows and even how to accept those shadows as a part of you And that is what we want to talk about I think it's what we want to talk about right now

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