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STRONG MAN WORLD RECORDS Part 2 *Breaking Ice Blocks w/ HEAD!*


cops are probably gonna get called on us what is up everyone welcome back to the channel in the first episode of world record Wednesdays for 2020 my man JD Anderson aka the Iceman is back thanks for having me back two years and I'm making almost two years since the last video we did together absolutely I was took me that long to recover this is the last video was today's gonna be even crazier it shall be crazy and he's gonna live up to his name The Iceman by attempting to crazy stunts with blocks of ice so make sure you watch for that and you said you wanted to start off with something crazy so oh wait let's talk some pretty crazy got standard fat we are starting this video off with something pretty serious serious yep one two three four five six seven eight nine ten blocks of ice that you're going to run through and work through some blocks it's not necessarily a world record but wanted to start out with something crazy I'm going to just get out of your way we have a little help with your friend smiley to brace the ice that's right and I'm excited to see this I've only seen seen busy dudes now I'm going to see it live this is a stunt taking me around the world this is why you were called are you nice man let's see it god Wow you're right it'll be good I was a pretty good hit that was incredible are you all right I'm good how are you a little bit break cuz we head to the carts and the cans and all the other stuff you ready it's your ready all right already that was pretty cool but you said for the world record the main world we're going to a few world records this video but you're gonna break through ice blocks like this with your head with my head we'll do that the end just in case you don't just a case it is the end what's next a good intro I try next yeah next we have 14 inch solid steel lag hole for construction purposes things like that go ahead and press that over your leg just just see I mean make sure that's solid real and that's videos online you know whenever it's real or not these are real solid I'll trade you don't think that's a funny one you can take these there you go Eddie are you Wow look at that curb though you see that you see it's a little bit I don't see it try to unbend that that's easier is it legit yeah I've got the shoulder injury right now try and solder he's lived in Rio I left I would go juggling you did you hear – juggling blackbolt guys if you have not subscribed yet make sure you do so I'm posting these world record videos once a month now and got other videos coming every Monday and every Saturday so love you joined this family so click that subscribe button right now if you haven't yet first world record of the video and it's one that we've done four on the channel it is she's gonna try to break his own record for most carts torn with your mouth like everything else you've done today I'm gonna say this is tough yeah like that last time if you watch that video he did 12 in 60 seconds well they have to be 12 I think I had a couple glitches in there and I can smooth out on this we got a few seconds left over so there's 14 here there is I think that's one every give me some math that's one every four seconds it's almost yeah ish hi okay pretty good luck thank you very much now JD you only brought 14 decks of cards so we only have that safe one one attempt one shot one opportunity mom spaghetti you got this ghost get relaxed your speed our curtain three three her shitty food I'm pumped about 14 and 15 second row who shatters that was mom spaghetti that was a lot of moms spaghetti all over the place that was the first one back of this video but we have another one at the end that blows that one out of the water wait frozen closed it out of the frozen waters make sure you keep watching JD if you please I just pick these up for me huh that'd be great and then we'll move on oh cameraman I'm scared to ask but what are these it looks like these are hot water bottles they're not balloons these are guaranteed not to explode bar spot for King years okay either to put all water in them today you're gonna pop it gonna pop it just by using the force from my lungs I'm gonna try to put enough air and this force enough air to it it's forced to explode it just looks like a balloon it looks like you're blowing yeah it's not that hard but she Hampshire Simon see yep the key is you have to lock the air in that's it that was that's where I went wrong that's where you're wrong yeah yeah actually dude oh my gosh look at that yeah it's not that hard they you have to really use your stomach and for sir how I'm going to get hernias a lot of my plays I'm gonna hopefully get out of your way if you said this thing get dangerous it can explode you sense to me laughs kick really is cops are probably gonna get called on us hopefully they will still okay yeah with that because you got here cuz it just the air those hard okay last time you you broke one can your second amant I'm broke yeah Brandon I want to rust it busted a can right now you want to learn how last time I touch it over the phone book he did pretty well did I teach you how to bust a can in your hands you should let him take it your middle finger around like this looks dumb important take it around the middle the cam okay oh sorry I forgot to say make sure the top is facing out you had it facing in you bet to explode it all over your face okay we're gonna do that Bobcats gonna take this hand you're gonna interlock it but you're gonna with your palm you're gonna smash this finger right in the middle and you're gonna when you press if you feel press on that you can feel that direct pressure yeah I'm this finger a little it's mainly pressure on the middle finger right just take it shake it keep the shake you want to do a pressure builds up taking you wanna it's one big smash favorite real quick and you do real hard you just like that okay boom so how way more got a meetin you got no I thought I was gonna get this one hey hey shake shake shake it increases the pressure bring the heat dude bring it one two three go okay stop then break immediately here's what you do you shake it you wanna press turn the can grass turn the Kin weakening the middle and eventually I finally did something I'm covered in 700 next we're going to turn that I'm actually proud of myself if you have it yet that's definitely worth it though and he's getting ready to set a new world record for most hands busted with your hands in 30 seconds he's never done this before so whatever he does is the new world record 5 4 3 2 1 go freezy each that was incredible to get wet a little bit but not as much as you that was legit that was amazed new world record 1610 in 30 seconds and I think it's time for the final big world record it is here we go final world record of the day yes head smash head smash ice we're gonna kill it succumb it out of a baseball bat it is I'm drinking free working on I gotta get pumped up cuz it's tired you sure there's a baseball bat barrel drinking mug made out of a real baseball bat and actually can get these at home run bat calm as well as kind of outside break so bats I so bad scrap quality all epic game quality for all different purposes homer bat calm chips on the market link in the description exactly there you go let's do this okay I am ready you are you are yeah you are gosh that was incredible that is one of the most vile things that's ever in the channel make sure you check out jay-z's Instagram YouTube website KDX one official home embed calm thank you my friend Tom number tune I think it was a success I think so and if you haven't go watch part 1 here mind scramjets all in on instagram at juggling drop your chance to until next time I've got videos coming every Monday every Saturday and World Records wins in once a month on Wednesday we will see you guys next time bye

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