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Strange Ancient Aliens Found? Highlights of Kanchi Kailasanathar Temple


Hey guys, today we are going to look at the highlights of the Kailasanathar temple at Kanchipuram This is an ancient temple, archeologists estimate it was built around 700 A

D, about 1300 years ago, although locals believe that it is much older People here will tell you that this is the origin of all Hindu temples, the very first Hindu temple in the world Even before we enter the temple, we realize that the temple has some fascinating features What is this giant square outside the temple compounds? It is a large bull, known as Nandhi, the mount of Lord Shiva, and he is placed outside, directly in front of the temple entrance It is very rare to see Nandhis outside Hindu Temples, this is a sign that this is a very very ancient temple

Remember I showed you the largest monolithic bull in the world That is in the ancient Lepakshi Temple, yes that one is also placed outside the temple And in one corner, there is the temple tank This temple tank was created to store water, and is designed like an inverted pyramid Today it is empty, but more than a thousand years ago, it was considered the source of providing sacred, healing waters

It is locked, and we cannot go inside today, it is kept locked because vandals are trying to destroy it Just outside the temple, there are several beautiful lingams, each placed in its own chamber This one is the multifaceted lingam, it is always mesmerizing to watch this lingam This onehas 8 sides, and the lingam inside the main chamber of the temple has 16 sidesBehind the lingam, you can see a carving showing Shiva, his wife and a baby

Remember, I showed you an identical carving in the Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram, and I had asked who this baby was, since Shiva has 2 sons Ganesha and KartikeyaI had put this question to you and Most of you had answered that the carving shows Kartikeya, since the baby is shown with a human face, and we all know Ganesha has the head of an elephant But here is the interesting information, if you ask the locals around both these temples, they will tell you that this baby is GaneshaAncient texts tell us that Ganesha was born with a regular head, and then he lost his head and afterwards an elephant's head was transplanted on his bodyLocals believe that this temple was built before Ganesha lost his head, which is why these carvings show Ganesha with a regular face

There is also another templeabout 150 miles from here called Adhi Vinayagar temple It also shows Ganesha in a humanoid form, not with an elephant's face This temple is also said to be built before Ganesha lost his original head Sorry, I sidetracked to a long story Now, there are several lingams like this

and here is an empty pit where a lingam used to be in place, and now it is gone But here is a lingam, seemingly made of artificial stones or geopolymers There are a series of these lingams and they are joined with the base, or the Yoni using some kind of glueWhat is the reason for these multiple lingams placed outside the Kailasanathar temple? They were used as models to teach people, how to create different types of lingams

Remember I told you that even the Kailasa Temple at Ellora Caves, could have been modeled after this temple Okay, so let us enter the temple now and see what's insideThe temple is known for its brilliant carvings of Shiva, the details and the features you see here, cannot be seen anywhere else Each carving tells us a different story Look at this gigantic carving, the central figure with a mysterious smile is Lord Shiva

Shiva is a giant when compared to human beings Look how is wearing very little clothes, but has shoes,foot wear with shock absorbers No, seriously look at it, this is just a fantastic detail What's the story behind it? The story goes that some saints started to feel very proud of their wives's loyalty, and started to lose interest in spirituality To teach them a lesson, Shiva comes in the form of a Beggar, a homeless guy, he wears almost no clothes, and his hair is just mesmerizing, look at the details of that dreadlock

And women are completely carried away, and have become infatuated, at first look See what the woman on the right is looking at But the most important feature, is not his body, it is Shiva's finger, Look at how Shiva is showing one finger What does this mean? There is something here, that has been eroded Ancient Indians were very clever, they always used backups

Here is another carving in the same temple, and shows the same story Now we can see, there is a saint on top, directly facing Shiva And Shiva's one finger is a warning signto the saint, whose wife, is at Shiva's feet nowMoral of the story: Love is temporary, Spirituality is eternalEven a beggar or a tramp can take away your lover

This form of Shiva is calledBhikshatana, meaning a beggarEven though this temple is dedicated to Shiva, there are many many carvings of Lord Vishnu as well Historians love to argue that followers of Shiva and followers of Vishnu have been fighting eternally, but this ancient temple shows it was not the case You can see plenty of stories of Vishnu here, as well This is Narasimha who takes the form of a half lion to destroy evil

One strange feature about this temple is that, you cannot see get the whole story through photographs, you have to come here and enjoy it Pictures like this only tell you half the story You have to sort of look at the whole story from left to right You can see Lord vishnu as a dwarf begging for 3 feet of space from a King called Bali Bali gives him water, which is a symbol that he is granting the wish

Now, Vishnu transforms into a giant and in one foot, he conquers all land, and his other foot conquers the sky Now, King Bali has no choice but to offer his head, for Vishnu's third foot You can see Bali sitting on the ground to give that 3rd foot, as promised It is impossible to capture all this in a photo, because the Yalis obstruct the left and right So each and every carving here, tells a story like this

I am just telling you a few, I can't tell you all the stories in this temple, it will take me a few weeks Now, the carvings in this temple not only show stories, they also show very strange symbols Here we have a row of many guys, sitting close together Who are these guys and what are they doing? This carving is eroded,so I found another one in the same temple which shows the same carving There are only 6 bodies, but look there are a total of 11 heads because 5 guys are sticking their heads out from behind

Sucha strange carving, who are these guys? Each head symbolically represents one Lunar Day in the ancient Indian calendar, and this carving represents the 11th Lunar Day known as EkadashiThis day is recommended for fasting, and cleanse your body This temple has a lot of rare carvings like this, today, most of us do not know what these carvings mean Here is a strange goddess, with crossed legs Even her feet are shown crossed, as though she is nervous

Nearby we can see animals like deer, and goat There is also a crow like bird standing next to her, on top Who is she? And what's the story?I will let you figure this out, tell me the answer in the comments section One fascinating detail you can see is traces of paint on these carvings Originally, this temple was richly painted with natural colors made of vegetables

We can still see some remnants from all over the temples During British occupation of India, they tried to renovate this temple which resulted in this current state The temple reveals another important information In most temples, Shiva is shown with a human face, but here Lord Shiva is shown with fangs, coming out his mouth in many carvings This is an avatar called Dhakshinamoorthy where he sits in a Yoga pose

Again, look at the fangs coming out of his mouth Remember I showed you the same detail in Colombia, where many statues are shown with fangs There may be a link between this culture and the ancient Colombian culture – in ancient Colombia we see Shiva in the form of lingams as well What is a Shiva temple, if it does not show Aliens? In some inaccessible areas, strange ancient aliens are carved Look at them, it is fascinating to see these short figures doing weird activities

Some appear to be dancing One alien is stabbing himself with a sharp object, another one is impaling someone else These aliens are known as Shivaganas and are usually shown as demented and distorted beings and they come from a planet called Shivalokha Speaking of Alien dwarfs, some of the structures here are very large A classic example is this gigantic stone tank made out of one rock

It is placed underneath the water spout, so when they give lord Shiva a bath in the main chamber, the water gets collected in here Here you can see another rare carving These 7 female deities are known as SapthaMathrika meaning 7 mothers, commonly known as "ezhukanniyar" in this regionThe deities are quite strange and they have a long history, but most of us do not know what these Matrikas represent?Well, the word Matrikais actually a feature in all Indian languagesRemember all languages contain consonants and vowels? For example in english we have 21 consonants and 5 vowels

There are 7 consonant groups in Indic languages and each deity represents one consonant groupThis is why they are known as Sapthamatrikas Believe it or not, we also have 8 Matrikas or Ashtamatrikas in later temples,where the last one represents the vowel group So you can see how this temple has this treasure trove of strange symbols – 7 features of languages, 11 Lunar days or Ekadashi, also the goddess of Laziness, I talked about this in another video99% of temples do not have these carvings, You can only find these features in very very old temples

And with time comes deterioration, in various forms The bulls or Nandhis in this temple are classic examples of erosion, corrosion, and human destruction as well This bull is severely eroded, looking like a giant mouse, but once upon a time it must have been so beautiful and painted with brilliant colors It is a shame that we have lost all these priceless statues On the walls also, you can see more bulls and curiously these animals face the inside of the temple,this is very different because in most temples, the Nandhis always face the outside

I hope you enjoyed the highlights of Kailasanathar temple, I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don't forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button to get all the updates Please give this video a thumbs up and do share it with your friends, and I will talk to you soon! Bye!

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