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– [Stephen] Hi Otter, you doing ok? Oh hey Sharers, what's going on? So if you didn't already see, in our last vlog we came back to the original Sharer fam house, because we had a lot that was going on We intercepted a package from the mystery neighbor

We also celebrated the holidays with my family, and now today we hanging out, at the house, trying to figure out when the (ding) What? – [John] Err? Come here real quick

– Trying to figure out when the mystery neighbor is coming back What? – Errlook So there's

– [Grace] There's a white Tesla just – There's like a white Tesla sitting outside our house – Just sitting there, there's someone in it I see him – They sitting right by the mail box Hold on

That could be the mystery neighbor – You think? – You think they see us? – Ye it could be, hang on – Do they have a Tesla? – I don't know, – I have no idea – That person is just really suspicious Hang on hang on – And they just sitting there – That could definitely be the mystery neighbor

So Sharers, if you came from Graces Vlog comment right now #Grace in her vlog you saw that we invited the mystery neighbor, inside grace put a tracking device on the mystery neighbor, but then she found out and escaped, and then left the house, but she left behind her scarf and coat, in the basement so we have a feeling That's why she's outside

She's trying to find her way in – She's doing something – Ye – What is she doing? – Maybe its Karen and Ellen, and they doing different things – I don't know what they doing They literally just sitting there

Hold on, now I'm gonna go upstairs and look out the front window She's moving! Oh! She's moving! Ooooooh! Hang on This is definitely, its gotta to be the mystery neighbor Grace She's gotta be – [Grace] Are you there? (from a distance) – I am

– What do you see? – I'm tryna see I can't see anything The car is going behind the truck right now – [Grace] Is it coming all the way down the driveway? – It's coming all the way down the driveway It's stopped

(intense music) Oh! She's unbuckling It's definitely her Grace Its definitely her – [Grace] Stephen, hurry, come back downstairs – [John] Stephen I can see them over here here, it looks like she's coming out her car

– Wait What? – [John] She's getting out – Hold on – She's getting out? – Yeah – She's getting out? – [John] Yeah

– [John] Yeah look – Okay, hang on – [Grace] Should we lock the front door? – Yeah, lock the front door Let me see – What do we do? – Where is she? Is she out here

Oh my God here Where is she? Oh oh oh oh – [Grace] (gasps) Oh she's – That's her That is the mystery neighbor's twin That is the twin Ellen – Yeah, Ellen must have a TESLA

She has so many cars – It's so suspicious, because when ever she has cookies, that means she's doing something sneaky – Oh she haswait a second – [Grace] Yes She's acting all – Hold on, hold on, hold on – [Grace] Innocent – Look at those cookies – There's writing on it

– Those are the dog cookies – Oh Wait – Carter sent that for Christmas – Yeah those are Carter's cookies – How did she get Carter's cookies? – [John] (gasps) – She's going to the front door

Don't answer, donn't answer don't answer (knocking) – She's knocking – She's knocked, don't answer Shh shh shh shh shh! – [Grace] Ah! Its not loading! – [Allen] Sharers? – There it is

– There we go – Are you home? – Ah! Look those are the cookies Carter dropped off – Yeah – Those are the dog cookies – I am so confused

– Time for more cookies Just wanna say hi – Should we talk back to her? – No don't say anything Keep her blocked out of the house, we don't want her coming in – Hold on, where's she going? – Oh she's moving

Oh wait – Oh, she put the cookies down Don't, don't get them yet though John Don't get it – I can't see what she's doing

The windows are literally blurry – Nice! – Where's she going? – Think about this – [John] (gasps) – What? – She's trying to come inside – She probably thinks we not home Wait what? What is she doing? – I don't know look – Wait she's over here

– Wait what? – Wait she put the cookies down too – Why is she going Wait

What? When someone is not home, you not suppose to walk around the house, she's probably trying to get in another entrance – Yeah – Hold on lets see where she's going Hang on She's probably trying to get in another entrance, what is she doing? – We should spy! Lets just spy on her – Okay

– I wonder if she's going to get down to the pond – Wait she's going to the pump site Maybe there's something under that rock That rock out there isn't a real rock – She's looking for something

– I thought she was just coming back to get her stuff – She's like following the zip line down the hill – Why would she be going to the pond? – It looks like she is after something specific – Like what? – Yeah I don't know She is acting really suspicious

She's like looking around and stuff She's not even trying to get in the house She's just exploring the property – Whoa guys, hold on, – She's looking for clues or something – She might jump in

– No! Its freezing cold outside, its winter time – I guess your right – She could do the – What is she She's like digging in the ground – I don't know what she's doing

– Guys, this could all be a trap She might know we here And acting like, "she's not getting ambushed", she's going to get in at the last second She's tricking us – Yeah, she came this whole time to just give us cookies Stephen

She's up to something – Wait hold on, you guys keep out an eye for her I'm going to go check that basket that she dropped off – Okay, good idea – Keep an eye on her, if she moves, let me know

What is going on? (door cracking open) Hang on Those are the cookies that Carter sent us for Christmas That is so weird What is in this basket And how did she get the cookies that Carter sent us? They were in our house, in our kitchen

You saw my Instagram story, Oh by the way Sharers, if you don't follow me on Instagram, make sure to follow me right now on Instagram, and stay up to date on all the latest stuff Yeah these are the cookies that Carter sent us They so awesome too We got these cookies here And we got these dog cookies here

They look so good and they so delicious So, major shout out to Carter for sending these Hmmm (crunch) they so good but we gotta find this mystery neighbor We gotta figure out why she's tryna get into the house And we can't let her get in

What? Wait hold on I'm coming I'm coming – Guys they just cookies, they the cookies that Carter sent I don't know how she got them from inside the house But that's what they are

– [John] Dude come on over here – Wait what? – [John] Forget the cookies look over here – Where is she? – She's like right here She's standing – That wire – Oooooh! – What is she doing? What is she doing? – I think she's just trying to find ways into our house Wait I got an idea

(gasps) The deck, we can go on top of the deck and spy down – Okay – Quick – Wait, but is that door locked down there? – Its locked, all those doors are locked Oh, quick, quick, go check on the deck

Over here Hi Otter, you stay there okay? We spying on the mystery neighbor – [Otter] Woof! – Good Guys on the deck Careful because its not finished building, being built yet

Oh yeah By the way Sharers, if you haven't been to our house in a long time The deck is really coming along It looks really, really, really good But it's not done

The railings aren't on You gotta be super careful – Yeah! (beeping) – We not suppose to be on an unfinished deck, its very dangerous (beeping continues) where did she go though? – She's trying to get into the house – Be quiet remember we outside now

– Hang on – (gasps) Oh oh oh! There she is, Oh my goodness There she is Oh my goodness there she is

Okay don't get too close to the edge Because the deck is not finished She's trying to get into the house – Wait Stephen I have an idea – What? Come over here

– Oh! Prank the mystery neighbor thing "It's a bug that fell on her head" – Yeah – Oh my goodness okay – Here we go – Where did she go, where did she go? Wait where is she? – Right here – Get her John! Ready? – Oh! Got her (laughs) – Oh! Shhh Shhh Shhh! – Here get another one

– Get another stick, get another stick she's gonna think its a bug on her Do it again, do it again Okay? Make her think its a bug on her – Come over here Stephen – Okay, you ready? – Ready

– Here we go! – She's looking away – There she is You got this 321

you got it! Go! – (gasps) (intense sound) (laughs) – This is awesome, she probably thinks its leaves falling from the tree or something – Yeah, she heard the second one and didn't know what it was – Wait where she going? – Where she going now? – The merch room! – She's trying to get into the basement

We gotta make sure the basement doors are locked – Yeah – I think they locked but I'm not sure – I don't think the merch one is locked – Go check, go check, go check

Go make sure the basement door is locked Quick basement Go quick Guys come on Where is she? There she is, there she is, there she is

Quick turn off the light, turn off the light, turn off the light , turn off the lights! Lights, lights out, lights out, lights out John quick turn those lights off She can see us There she is She can't see in

Its dark in here Just stay low, stay low, stay low, stay behind the couch Look that's what she's trying to get, its her stuff – Oh oh! Get down – Get down

– She can see us – Hey, maybe she knows where it is, she's trying to get in through here – John of course she knows where it is, she left her coat right there, – Oh my gosh her scarf and her coat guys – No Stephen I mean the computer device remember? – (gasps) – The computer device – The one in carters room I don't know if she knows where it is She's gone she's on the loose again

Hang on – Where'd she go now? I think she's going to the merch room Hang on! (gasps) Whoa! Whoa! WhoaShhhhShhhhShhh Quiet, queit There she is There she is – Wait, she's trying to get through here too

– Good thing it's locked She can't get in Doors are locked Just careful, she can see you Hide, hide, hide

– I forgot they aren't tinted – I don't think there's anymore doors for her to try – I think she's gonna have to go home She can't get in – I wonder what she's doing now? – Yeah, but it can't be a door we don't know about right? – Om my gosh careful

– There's so many windows now – Johns he might be trying that door right by you? – Uh! John! – Wait she's got a key? – What? – She's trying to pick the lock – She's trying to get in – Wait I need to move to you, I'm not hidden at all – John, John, careful, careful! – (Gasps) I think she got in

– Hold on – What was that noise? – Did she unlock it? We need to put a lock on the handles She's got, she's making progress (unlock sound) (gasps) – The door is actually moving – It's actually moving

What do we do? – Hold on, go back there, hide back there, hide behind the couch Quick She's actually making a move Look She actually making the door move (clunk) (gasps) – She's getting it open

– We have to tie it together or something – She's moving, she's moving, she's moving – Oh she's leaving – Okay, now its your chance go tie that door Quick, quick , quick

Go tie the door Quick! I don't know where she's going (intense music) – Fast, fast – She's not here Just tie it quick

– All right you unwheel it – The more we tie it, the more secure its gonna be Guys I don't see her, I don't see her at all – Well atleast she can't get in through this way – I don't know

– We got to figure out what she's doing – John I need more rope, I need more rope – Okay – More tie it tight There's no way she can get it open

I don't see her at all – How's the tying coming? (screams) (gasps) – Hide, hide! – She's back She's back, she's back – Did she see you? – I don't know – She saw you I think

– What she trying now? She's trying something new – That's going to be so bad – Stephen – She's trying this one again – Stephen she's knocking

She definitely sees us – No, she's saying something – She must see motion inside – Guys get down, she sees you – Just get down, stay down, stay, stay below the couch

– She sees you – What do we do? – [Ellen] Anybody in there? – She's saying something – What did she say? – I don't know What was she saying? – She must see motion in here – She can't get it

It's so locked That's awesome, good job guys – Yeah! – Good job Smash the like button for John and Grace for getting that door super secure! – [Allen] Grace, are you in there? (gasps) – She said our names – [Allen] Is someone in there? (knocking) – Stephen she said my name

– What is she saying? – [Allen] Anybody there? – She can't get in Guys wait a second What is she saying? Sharers comment down below if you know what she's saying – But I heard her say our names – Yeah she must of

– She's on the move – She's going somewhere Where else could she be going? Where would she be going? – I don't know? What other entrances are there? – Garage! – Garage! – Garage! – The garage door might be open! – The garage door could be open? – The garage door might be open! – Hurry we got to beat her there – Quick garage, quick, get to the garage

That's the only other door that she could get into – The garage door – I got to close the garage doors quick

– The garage door is wide open, quick, close it, close it, close it, close it – Hurry, hurry, hurry! – Come on, come on, come on Close it, close it, close it Where is she? – I think we good I think we beat her

– Perfect Keep it closed Keep it closed – Yeah! there's the window – Do you see her? – No

– Here let me take a look – Where did she go? – Uh! Can't see! – Do you see her? – I see a Tesla (gasps) – What? – What? – Quick look to your left – There she is – There she is

– Where? – Right? (gasps) – There she is – And she was checking to see if these are open – She worked her way to the garage Don't let her in – Don't let her in

– Hopefully she doesn't know the passcode – Hopefully she will be going back to her Tesla If she could go back in her Tesla and go, we good – Err no she's not, she's looking for the passcode – OH O O! She's righ there, she's right there – Get down, get down – She just needs to get back in that Tesla and go

If she gets back in her Tesla, we would be good – Dude, Stephen, what kind of Tesla is that? Did you see? – Its a new Tesla Model 3 performance – Okay, I have an idea – What? – (Grace stumbles abit) (chair thumbs) – What if we break into the Tesla, using this thing Warm up the finger print censor

– (gasps) That's a genius idea – Yeah we can use this to just saw the bolt c'mon! – Wait we gonna break into the mystery neighbors Tesla? – Yeah, it has a top secret control panel right in the middle, that can access the internet, and it stores all the information from everything – Via the I-Pad thing – Yeah, and I'll have all the data, everywhere she's been, everything she's searched C'mon we got to do it

– We have to! – Okay I don't see her, do you see her Grace? – No, she's not in the car Where did she go? – She's not there? Okay John, open up the garage, lets go hack the Tesla – She must be trying to find another way in the house – Open it, ready? Here we go

Oh oh gosh! – Get Ready – Watch your head – We gonna open this Tesla, and break in We got to get all that information off of this – We gonna need all the tools – Do we need all these tools? – Uh yeah, we definitely need that

And then Stephen, this is for you – Okay – Hurry guys – This is a saw John, I don't want to destroy the Tesla – We won't

– We not gonna destroy it just gonna get – We just sneaking in – Okay

– Lets do this We gonna hack into the mystery neighbors brand new Tesla – Yeah! – Whoa! Lets do this – Lets do it

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