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Stop Pollution | Tihar Special | Short Moral & Comedy Video | Camcoro Entertainment |


Hey! Hmm?? Who? Oh! Calling me? What happened? Are you coward? Me and coward? I am the bravest person of this whole world How can you call me coward? Don't you feel ashamed? So, can you play with firecrackers? Play? With firecrackers? Firecrackers? So, come on, let's go to play with them

Aahh!! What happened? We should not blast firecrackers here A cat has crossed through this way Ok, so let's blast here We can blast here as well because the cat has crossed this way as well Oof! Here

Here?! What! Here? Not a simple cat but a very big wild cat has crossed this way What kind of cat is it which is able to cross all the ways? The cat has crossed it horizontally not vertically Now, stop doing all these dramas! I am going to bring the crackers! What time is it?Can you please say? Time? 6:45pm AAHH!!!! We should not fire the crackers after 6:45pm It's not good I was just testing you

It's 6:30pm right now Let's fire the crackers! [She went to be smarter than me] I didn't say 6:45 "PM" I said 6:45 "AM" We should not fire the crackers from 6:45 am to 6:45 am of another day Oh! What! Then there is no time to fire the crackers! If there is no time then why should we fire them! Are firecrackers made to fire?!! These firecrackers produce a lot of pollution There should not be even 1% pollution in Nepal! The city, Biratnagar, where we are living is the industrial capital of Nepal! Industries produce a lot of pollution! And moreover, you want to increase pollution by firing crackers! Don't you want our country Nepal to be pollution-free?! What kind of citizen are you?! Citizens like you should be kicked out of the country! Hey! My friend! Come on! Bring your bike! Let's go through the speed of 120km/s producing full smoke from silencer!

Source: Youtube

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