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'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Cast Play 'Name That Star Wars Character' | MTV News


{an8}- Let's celebrate the saga with a game {an8}- No

{an8}- I think that's the way to do it, JJ – Ah, jeez {an8}- You know each other so well, {an8}let's see if you can {an8}ID the character by these extreme {an8}close-up photos of each other {an2}What body part is that? {an2}- That's Rey, that's Daisy Ridley

{an2}-Everybody knows that {an2}- It's a horse, it's, it's {an2}(buzzer) {an2}- A horse? {an2}- It's not a horse

{an2}- That's me! {an2}That's my new hairstyle, too {an2}- It has to be Princess Leia, right? {an2}- It is a hair bun but it's Rey's {an2}- It's Rey's hair, OK {an8}- Rey's buns? {an8}(laughing) {an8}- What kind of show is this? {an8}(laughing) {an2}- [Josh] Next challenge for you {an2}- That's Jabba

{an2}(buzzer) {an2}- That's Jabba the Hutt? {an2}- Maybe {an2}- This is really difficult {an2}- It is difficult {an2}I don't make 'em easy, man {an2}- That's John's eyebrow

{an2}- John {an2}- Wow {an2}- I recognize that eyebrow {an2}- That's unbelievable {an2}- I was just sat next to him

{an2}- I didn't get to see it yet {an8}- Let his old eyes see it for a second {an8}Okay, come on {an8}- (old man voice) That's John {an8}(laughing) {an8}I recognize his eyebrow

{an8}- That's how close I usually am {an8}when I look at his eyebrows {an8}(laughing) {an8}- This is Poe vision {an8}- Yeah, just a normal conversation, {an8}I'm like, "What's that, {an8}"Oh, really?" {an8}- Yeah, yeah {an2}- [Josh] Okay, JJ

, what do you got? {an2}- Wow {an2}- Do you know what body part that is? {an2}Let's start there {an2}- It looks like an eyebrow and an eye {an2}(buzzer) {an2}- Whose lips are those? {an2}- [Josh] They are lips {an2}That is– you're halfway there

{an2}- Lips? {an2}- Correct {an2}- I win {an2}- That's a pair of lips – Oh, those are lips {an2}- The supple lips of a brooding man

{an2}- Harrison Ford {an2}(buzzer) {an2}- Another brooding man {an2}- Oscar Isaac {an2}(buzzer) {an2}- There's so many brooding men, {an2}I'm realizing {an2}Body part? {an2}- Those are lips

{an2}- Those are lady lips, I think {an2}(buzzer) {an2}- Oh, I think they might be dude lips {an2}- They are dude lips {an2}- Is that Kylo Ren? {an2}- Kylo Ren? {an2}(ding) {an2}- Oh, yes {an2}- Adam Driver

{an2}Should have known that {an2}(laughing) {an2}- Don't tell that to him, I said he got lady lips {an2}(laughing) {an8}- (imitating Kylo Ren) I will finish what I started {an8}- Started {an8}- Is that your impression? {an8}- No, this is Kylo Ren

– I need a towel {an2}I need a towel, I'm very wet {an2}(laughing) {an8}- You might get the animated series job {an8}The VO {an2}- Oh, come on

{an2}- You should be arrested {an2}(laughing) {an2}Police {an2}(laughing) {an2}- Ooh, What the– {an2}- I don't know what that is {an2}- That needs medical attention {an2}(laughing) {an2}- Is this an internal camera? {an2}- That is an external part of the body

{an2}- Is that a selfie that you took last night? {an2}Is that a grundel shot? {an2}(laughing) {an2}- Is it that slug alien? (buzzer) {an2}- Jabba (buzzer) {an2}- That's Maz (buzzer) {an2}- I would say Jar Jar Binks (buzzer) {an2}- It's one of those characters, {an2}one of those droids or {an2}whatever you call them {an2}(buzzer) {an2}- No

{an2}- A monster? {an2}- It is a monstrous character, {an2}I will say that {an2}- Is this from 'Aliens?' {an2}(buzzer) {an2}- I got the right franchise – Is it somebody's forehead? {an2}- Is that Palpatine's brow? {an2}- Is that the Emperor? {an2}(ding) {an2}(laughing) {an2}- Has anybody done as badly {an2}as the three of us so far? {an2}(laughing) {an2}- Oh, horrid! {an8}- Oh! – Oh, his forehead, that was tricky {an2}(hissing) {an2}(laughing) {an8}- When he walks on set, {an8}you just do that, Billy Dee? {an8}(booing) {an8}- You're rubbish! Get off stage! {an2}- Oh, I know who this is {an2}- You! {an2}- Yeah! {an2}- Hey! {an2}- That smile

{an8}- Lando! – Hey, friends {an8}- Friends {an8}- Friends, my friends – My friend {an8}- Da, da, da, da! {an8}- That's like iconic, that is

{an8}- That's still perfect – That's iconic {an8}- No one's got a smile like that {an2}- Chewie {an2}(ding) {an2}- (beep) damn, lady

{an2}- That's Chewie's nose {an2}- Oh, yeah {an2}- Oscar, you've got a future {an2}- Yeah, man {an2}- [Josh] In what, I'm not sure but– {an8}(laughing) Yeah, I don't know

{an2}- Oh, that's my character {an2}- [Josh] You know that nose {an2}(imitating Chewbacca) {an8}- That's that character {an2}- Chewie This is ridiculous

{an2}- Okay {an2}- Finally, what is that? {an2}That is an important part of the body {an2}- Uh, not in my case {an2}- That is the butt of {an2}- That is the butt {an2}- Rose? {an2}(buzzer) {an2}Rose's costume? {an2}- Close {an2}- Someone that has equally luscious hips {an2}- That's Poe

{an2}His butt {an2}His juicy butt {an2}(ding) {an2}- That is the juicy butt of Poe Dameron {an2}- Okay, excuse me {an8}(laughing) {an8}(laughing) {an8}H

R? {an2}- Oh, that's your bum! {an2}- Come on, you know that {an2}(laughing) {an8}Come on, you know that, John Don't pretend! {an2}- That's someone's butt {an2}- That's Oscar Isaac's butt

{an2}- I knew it was his butt {an2}(laughing) {an2}- You know whose cheeks those are {an2}- That's Oscar's bum for sure {an8}(laughing) {an8}(laughing) {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Focus up {an8}- No, you know what? It's because she said it so quickly, {an8}I was like, "Well damn!" {an8}(laughing) {an8}(singing) {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Okay, Kelly! {an8}- But I said all the parts quickly

{an8}- You did, you did {an8}But that one really quickly {an8}(laughing) – That was like super quick {an8}No judgment

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