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"Star Wars El Ascenso De Skywalker" ColdLy Entertainment


[Music] or the youtube crisis well this is a pretty quick loss over the star wars movie the rise of skywalker first of all I want to clarify two things first i'm a fan of the saga practically since I was born like many Of course, but I'm not someone who like many other fans really know angry or else how you make a mistake in the franchise how to contradict the canons and other second I'm not a expert critic far from it so don't expect a review really made of piece heads from me about the movie this is the opinion of a simple fan of a simple individual if you want reviews really elaborate cinematographic te I leave the channel of my friends invite geek in the description to this video well first of all I can say that I I feel quite grateful with lucasfilm and disney for listening to fans then they are a movie for fans because yes many youtubers that are specified in star wars have said the movie is bad cinematographically speaking and the they are right the movie is bad if from a mastography we talk the rating of the critic in the victim was you confirm it but that it is the sacrifice that is made when the movie goes from entrance to the fanaticism that when it is not a movie that is for fans one that it focuses on being good in the section cinematic you get the last ones already die because if the last is already there is good time cinematically but for to achieve that I had to step aside us with fans and sacrifice the essence of the saga and for reason that was how was the rating of the fans thing that in this new movie does not and I am very grateful for that they really thought us when I left of watching this movie I don't know exactly what think because just like they did things for which I am more than grateful they performed other than the They are not really to my liking summarizing the simple fact that palpatine be alive and that these exist new powers almost almost of gods in the movie completely changes the saga because who we always had presented as the chosen one and with this film test we see that it is not so and maybe this is not a problem if it is a off the central issue of the other two trilogies that is almost all the movies practically to the main prize of the saga is completely changed to be able to give a little essence to this new saga that from the beginning was destined to fail in conclusion be grateful they finally made this new trilogy really a movie of star wars that took us into account as fans and how they came to conclude this last trilogy this closing but not at all I think it does justice to the whole franchise the truth I don't think be a worthy end to the skywalker but let's be honest with the best director or with the best screenwriter of world and although the fans did the movie could there be a worthy end one of which we all agree for this is the biggest saga called of all times if you liked the video, like same and subscribe for more content not forget about following me on my page Instagram and Facebook I leave the links in the description this has been all our next conley video entertainment thanks for watching until next

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