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Staff of Magic | Marvel Make Me a Hero


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Sandy Watch Marvel make me a hero

My name is Sandy Gould I'm the head of talent, which involves running recruiting, employee movement and growth, learning and development, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion I started reading comics when I was eight I never stopped And I've probably read almost every Marvel Comic since then

In my youth, I started out as somebody who was dealing with a lot of illness And I thought I was going to be sick all my life But I read comic books And comic books taught me at an early age that people had Super Powers So because I wasn't able to do what other people could do, I was in awe of what people could do

And what people took as mundane, I took as super And so I immediately started studying how people did what they did, what their Super Powers were, how they created, how they were different And I was in love with it That got me really interested in talent and understanding how people create and achieve their creative destiny And then I realized maybe my Super Power was to help people unlock their Super Powers and unleash them

So I would say that my character would be male, a little bit fluid on gender He would have long, golden blond hair, muscular And I thought, well, I really want to be an elf because they have long, beautiful golden hair They have these cool pointed ears They look different

They're fast I was a fast sprinter growing up, fast runner And so they were quick And they were really good with magic And I named him Simacar

I just blended together some words that sounded wizardry And Simacar had a nice ring to it I think that Simacar would probably have some spell capability, some mystical and magic capabilities All of those spells would be around light Every great wizard has a staff

So it would embolden somebody It would raise their confidence It would reveal their Super Powers It would potentially put light around them to protect them I also think that when Simacar was in situations that he was unsure of, where he should be learning instead of knowing, he would use the staff to go into learning mode and let the staff remind him that there's knowledge and information and perspective outside him

Oh my god That is amazing It's funny It's so exactly what I was imagining That's kind of eerie

He's elven and sprightly And he's masculine, but there is a feminine quality The ears, the eyes, the expression, both curious and positive expression, but also very determined, an "I'm on a mission" expression and I'll be fierce about that mission And then the hair, first of all, the hair has to be long and it has to flow and has to be beautiful and has to have lots of rich color So the gold to it is amazing

And then the staff is beautiful because it has the circle at the top And, you know, at the center like a candle, it looks like a light that you can't even look into because it's just too bright to resolve And I think that sort of represents the idea of illumination, right, which is mystery and revelation and newness and power and connection Yeah, the staff and his face and his look and his expression and his femininity are brilliant They're brilliant like the staff

Thanks, Marvel, for making me a hero [MUSIC PLAYING]

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