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Spotlight: The Mission Continues and the Veterans in Entertainment Summit


(upbeat music) – This is the Veterans in Entertainment event This is an opportunity, a two-day summit, for us to connect veterans with opportunities in the entertainment industry but also to be able to connect the entertainment industry with the veterans in our community and show a collaborative effort to try to impact communities in positive ways

– So, we wanted to work with The Mission Continues, which has been known to help with transitional services for vets to see if we can curate an event where we bring kind of Hollywood and the entertainment community to the veterans so that they have an advocate and an access point into the industry (upbeat music) – So, I had a lot of people help me out with my transition, and without those people, I probably wouldn't have been where I'm at I probably wouldn't have been doing it as well as I am now, and so part of that means that I need to give back to those who are separating and those that are, who didn't make the separation as successfully as I did And so when we found out about Warner Bros and Mission Continues hosting this event, Sony Pictures has been working on a few events of our own and just seemed like a natural collaboration to come together and make all of our events as successful as possible

– You know, it's really about the collaboration because as a veteran, when I retired from the military, I knew that the community that I retired to was not the one that I grew up in, so I think that veterans are always trying to connect with the community And I think the community wants to find a way to thank a veteran for what they've done An opportunity like this or an organization like The Mission Continues marries up the two where you can really show how you support veterans by working side-by-side to really affect the community in need So, the veteran gets something great out of it, the community gets something great out of it, and I think together we show how the two can be collaborative (upbeat music) – [Woman] So, we got investment from Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal, the First Entertainment

Credit Union, Activision, so really happy to see everybody really rallying behind this effort

– So today, we're gonna be building benches We're gonna be building some tables We're gonna paint some murals (upbeat music) – We're a underserved community, and resources are limited, so them coming in, they bring a lot of resources with materials, supplies, people, time, and it's invaluable, you know, how much it's meant to us (upbeat music) – You know, I just, well, I like volunteering

I like giving back to the community I'm very grateful for what I've had in life (upbeat music) – I love volunteering for the community, and that's why The Mission Continues is great 'cause it is, it makes you feel like you still have a purpose and you're still giving back to the country – We had over 200 volunteers show up today, which is an exception Normally, we have about 40 to 50 volunteers for a typical project, but we knew that we were gonna get a lot, so we scoped it out, and it worked out great because everybody is just working extra hard and has a great attitude

– Well, I know their faces are gonna have a big smile on the first day of school Every time there's something new, they notice that the school is, you know, changing and getting better, and they appreciate it I can't wait to see their faces the first day of school (upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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