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Spies In Disguise | Sneak Peek "Transformation" | FOX Home Entertainment


Commencing bio-dynamic concealment test number eighty-three Batch five

Exothermic reaction That's an exothermic reaction! Uh Lovey? Could I borrow a feather please? Thank you

Here's a little something for you *exhale* If this works, they'll have to give me my job back No way It worked It worked, it worked, it worked, it worked! Lovey, it worked it worked! I need to disappear

*yelling* What a? How did you? What are you doing in my? What's up? Okay listen, that next-generation concealment tech you were talking about earlier, you wouldn't happen to have it on hand would you? Actually, I do happen to have it in hand Show it to me Sure um, well can I offer you a drink? – Ugh – I got water soylent drinkable meal replacement

Mm good, we had a drink So what are we talking about here? Light bending camo-suit? Adaptive response silicone fit- Diet stuff has a weird after taste What's the tech? Um, well you just drank it Drank what? The tech, now it's gone – Ow! – Yup

Mhm Yo! Why do you have a pigeon in here? Yeah, okay, that's just Lovey, she's my roommate Um – How am I going to do this? – That's weird – This is bad – to have a pigeon in your house

No it's not It's amazing, it's science Here we go You just drank an ingestible formula that uses a Crispr case 9 genetic editor re-sequenced your DNA on a molecular level Science rocks

Wow okay, here's what I need you to do Pretend like you're a normal person, talking to a much cooler normal person *exhale* In precisely 45 seconds you will transform into a pigeon I'm out Wait, wait, wait, wait, what you're about to experience is the future of espionage Okay You might be experiencing some mild discomfort *groaning in pain* Or severe

I'll make a note of that This is because I fired you right? Okay, I'm going to walk out of here Yeah that might be hard because you're in the middle of chromothripsis! Okay, might pass out Oh you're definitely going to pass out Your genomes are being smashed apart so they can be reassembled with pigeon DNA Muscle it down, Lance Muscle it down

Oh! What did you do? What did you do? Whoa, you're entering phase two, epigenetic modulation! *grunting* Think of each gene as having a switch and one by one your switches are flipping to pigeon Human, pigeon Human, pigeon Human, pigeon Human, pigeon

Human, pigeon Ah! Stop with the lights! Wait Look at my hand! What's happening to my hand? – *Yelling* – Baby hand? This is the final phase! This isn't so bad *giggle* Your body is being flooded with endorphins to prepare you for the immense physical pain you're about to experience Wait, say that again

*yelling* You poisoned me! Poison? That's not even my department Squeeze the poison out *gagging* I wouldn't do that Three seconds Gonna be fine

Trust me Here we go Hm? Ha! What? *mumbling* Oh, that clock’s fast Lance? Lance? It worked Subject's vitals are stable

Inserting rectal thermometer *gasp* It's okay buddy Hey it's okay don't you worry, your good friend Walter is *yelling* *yelling* Subject appears disoriented Of course I'm disoriented You can talk? Lovey, he can talk

It worked! – My eyes! What did you do to my eyes? – It worked! Can you believe this? Hey Lance, look at me Look at you? I can't not look at you Walter I can see my butt and your face at the same time That is so cool! Fact, pigeons have 360 degree vision Now nobody can sneak up behind you

Stop girl, come on This is so great Pigeons can be found in every major city around the world and no one notices them It's the most perfect form a spy can take You better un-bird me right now

That's it, I'm not playing with you Un-bird I'm raising my voice I probably shouldn't be raising my voice at you I guess you could imagine I'm a little stressed right now

I need you to un-bird me, Walter Mhm of course I'll start working on an antidote right now Start? – Well the formula was purely theoretical until you – You're gonna start? You don't have an antidote? Stop girl, seriously Okay, okay So you birded me, and you can't un-bird me? Technically, you kind of birded yourself Oh

I'ma hurt this boy – I'ma hurt this boy – No, no, look I know you're upset but everything's okay I called the agency and told them you're here

You did what? No, no no it's okay, I didn't tell them you're a bird Although, I think they're gonna figure that out pretty quickly *snarl* I gotta ghost Yeah there may be one or two downsides to your new form Webster, open the door

Okay Okay Why are you running from the agency? Get off me I'm running- because there's a bad guy out there with my face, and now I have to try to stop him from hurting people while being a bird and thank you for that Thank you very much for that

You know what? You're fired again Double fired! Hm I don't think that's a thing Oh it's a thing It's a thing now

*sigh* *grunting* Okay It's a wing suit How hard could it be? *deep breath* Time to fly Nope

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