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Sound of Silence (Breaking Wind Parody)


Goodbye quiet my old friend I won't be seeing you again The corned beef and cabbage that I ate last night Was so yummy I ate every bite Now the gasses are all building in my gut, Will come out my butt and break the sound of silence The Ben and Jerry's called my name Now IBS is causing pain The Yoga teacher says to reach down low Now everybody try to touch your toes But the rumble in my stomach and the pain It grew the same and ripped the Sound of Silence That morning poo snuck up on me Must have been the coffee Sitting at church the pastor smiled at me He was preaching bout reality But the reality is I'll never be the same Once the sound came I Broke my Vow of Silence The elevator was empty before Now there's two Four Maybe more Locked in this box I just sharted my pants

Oh now it's coming, God Help us the stench It makes your eyes water and burns your nose Oh, what a low Smell the Sound of Silence Twas the time that comes each year Just put your feet up in these stirrups But as I squeaked one out all I could say Was must have been the broccoli yesterday But after that the smell that whafted by It made him cry I broke the Sound of Silence

Source: Youtube

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