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Solo Attorney? Get More Clients without breaking the bank


If you're a solo attorney on a limited budget, how do you get more clients? You use the power of networking and nationwide referrals to build your law practice How do you do it? The first thing you do is go to Facebook or LinkedIn and join a national attorney networking group

Groups where only attorneys are members Then you start writing blogs and establishing yourself as an expert on a particular area of the law After you position yourself as a trusted authority on a certain area of the law, you solicit other network members and negotiate referral arrangements with attorneys out of your area or state who may have clients needing your expert services After you forge a symbiotic business agreement with an attorney, you keep in touch and let the relationship naturally produce a consistent flow of steady referrals A good example of this concept is the 1031 Attorney Referral Marketplace

The 1031 ARM is a private LinkedIn group used exclusively by members of 1031 counsel to profitably share clients and create referral opportunities with fellow attorneys across the country What is 1031 counsel? 1031 counsel is a national network of solo attorneys that use the power of the 1031 exchange to make money referring clients to members or receiving referred clients from members When you become a member of this community of attorneys you gain access to a proven referral system complete with custom forms, inclusion in a national attorney directory and a 58 page step-by-step instruction manual to guide you If you're a solo attorney looking to get more referrals and build your law practice, it's your choice You could spend a small fortune buying leads or you can join our network of solo attorneys and use the power of networking to get more clients and build your law practice

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