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Sofia Carson's 5 Favorite Dance Movie Moments | MTV News


– When I got the role for 'Feel the Beat,' I'd been dancing since I was three years old So, everything that April goes through, her immense love of dance, her passion, how her art is literally her everything, and it's like, what she eats, sleeps and breathes– I have felt that every day of my life

And I think it was much more emotional than I would've imagined What's up, guys? It's Sofia Carson here from Netflix's 'Feel the Beat,' and these are my top five favorite dance movie moments So, one of my favorite dance movie moments of all time is from the original 'Step Up,' and it's ingrained in my mind, the opening and the closing, because I loved how they just combined, so beautifully, the ballet with the hip-hop, and the classical music with the hip-hop beats I loved that moment and I thought it was so iconic One of my favorite dance movie moments is the audition scene when Jennifer Beals dances to "What A Feeling" in 'Flashdance

' I remember so vividly watching that scene when I was younger with my mom, and it just kind of left its mark on me And everything about it, the camera work, her movement, her choreography, the power that she had, it was so empowering and inspiring I even actually did a solo inspired in that moment and singing that song when I was myself competing in dance class So, I think that moment is just so iconic, everything about it My next favorite dance– Oh, absolutely, without a doubt, the 'Dirty Dancing' lift from 'Dirty Dancing

' That moment is just, I think everybody would hands down say is one of the most iconic moments of all time Another dance moment that is so vividly ingrained in my mind is the finale pointe number from 'Center Stage,' when she's dancing this gorgeous pointe number in a red leotard, and it's kind of meeting of the worlds of ballet and jazz, and I'll never forget watching that And I always dreamt of one day, being able to do a pointe number like that piece from 'Center Stage' Okay, so my next favorite dance movie moment is from a musical, which was my favorite movie of all time, 'Moulin Rouge!' And it's not technically a dance movie, but it is a musical with dance involved And I'll never forget the opening number, when Nicole Kidman comes down for the very first time from the ceiling, and she sings, "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

" In the 'Moulin Rouge!' that to me is one of the most iconic scenes in movie history and I just love that movie, and I could watch it over and over again And like, one of my dreams is to, if there is a remake of 'Moulin Rouge!' to work with Baz Luhrmann and to play Satine And oh, I'm gonna add a bonus dance movie moment And I might be a little bit biased, but it's my new movie with Netflix called, 'Feel the Beat' And one of my favorite moments in that film was the last number that April dances with the girls, and it's this really beautiful and emotional piece that just represents homecoming

And I was pretty emotional and I cried a few times while we were recording, so it's a special piece for me And it's been so cool to see, through the weekend of our release, people really respond to that piece It means so much to so many, so

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