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Slender And Granny?|Ep 1|?Survive The Killer!(by Slyce Entertainment)|Subtitle Commentary


So guys i think you like the Subtitle Commentary So imma keep doing it Hello everybody and welcome to ? Survive the Killer! By Slyce Entertainment This is PlusScissors664 sounds so anyways how was your day going? this commentary took a long time to edit into the video so please like

why doesnt he look like a killer ZOOM IN yay this is gonna be fun good luck dude i hope u dont die you will die Yay!!! exits open in FOUR minutes!!! wait thats not 4 minutes its 5 minutes this game is a lie did he get saved? OMG I SAW HIM oh no poor IATMG was defeated 😀 going through storage is fun RIP ToCicCrazy900 2018-2020 kevin was a good man why am i taking so long to type oh yeah i said "So guys if you like the subtitle commentary on my last video leave a comment but if you comment that you dont like the commentary then ill never do it again" 3 minutes and 30 seconds left until we can escape omg hes right there and im ded Welcome back everybody! our killer is slender now omg that was so close hi ok fine ill leave then come back i found a new shed yay 1 more minute i might actually win omg i just saw somebody get defeated yay the exits are open RUN PLUS RUN okay bye guys make sure to Like,Subscribe,and click the bell im just gonna spectate for a second now a mini maze OH NO HE IS HERE omg if that dude wasnt there i would be there because he was literally staring at me until the dude came HE WAS STARING AT ME THROUGH THE WINDOW good thing i escaped yay a new shed to hide in oh sorry i didnt see u in there ok fine ill leave and then ill come back ok this is boring imma just skip it im finally leaving ok good i switched to a different spot HOW DID HE NOT SEE ME wait i might actually win oh no IATMG died again i just saw somebody get defeated just collecting coins ESCAPE PLUS ESCAPE Okay bye guys imma end it right here Make sure to like and subsribe oh and also click the lil bell

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