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Sirakh – Yours for the Breaking (live at Soundmix) B Roll


Among the best amps on earth It's fucking great! Will it fuck off without making a fuss now? Oh yes, it will! This thing barely weighs a thing compared to the Laney Where should I put this? -Put it on the Leslie This here, ladies and gentlemen, is my bedroom porno lamp

I've drank, fucked and done god knows what beneath it's crimson gaze But now it shall provide a certain "red light district vibe" to my soon-to-be-completed guitar station here Because nobody wants to see guitar gear without one of these, right? So before doing anything else, even tuning this guitar, we shall install a porno light It's sacred The status for today goes something like this: We agreed that we'd arrive at 4 PM sharp

And umWhat happened in practice was that My friend Tomi and I were at home around 3:30, planning to arrive within half an hour

Peetu Haipus of Deattán Photographing had arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule As we were panicking like "we gotta boogie" And lucky for us, he informed me that he got inside and we figured that we're not in an infernal hurry or anything Thus we decided to become even more tardy and take our sweet time

After a good hour of sitting on a couch picking our noses we figured that maybe we should get to work Literally as we opened the door, I got a text from the drummer saying that "Sorry, my nap dragged on a little Coming to pick you up now" Fantastic! We would swear like sailors and chew out one another one by one We finally arrived, cracked a few anecdotes about Terveet Kädet and other fellow musicians

And um What do you think, about an hour and a half later? Anyway, the guys arrived about an hour and a half later With the gear, of course

After a brief but medieval period of time on their asses, we would finally get to work andTurns out the drummer had forgotten some shit back home and he needed to go there to retrieve it Currently we're done with that and the guys are hard at work, but be that as it may So um We're, what, two to three hours behind schedule here so *An awful reference to "Rusketusraidat" by PMMP You wouldn't get it anyway* Let's get this junk the hell out of the way It'd be great if we had some sort of a stool around here for my cab I'm fucking pissed

Noooooo! Fucking pissed? I'm consumed by earth-shaking hatred Fucking pissed? No, I'm not fucking pissed, I'm totally cool here No Fucking pissed? No, I'm hungry Let's do the soundcheck now, let's see what happens then

You want me to be as loud as I'm supposed to be, right? That's the idea, yeah Nobody has any major complaints on audio Sounds good! Great Let's go! Gotta quickly check my makeupNikki's voice is particularly loud -You're pretty tight and well on time nonetheless -When Nikki sings, I can barely hear myself

Let's reduce the overall volume of the mix and I think we should do fine -You're pretty well on time no matter the problem I can try, but I won't make any promises -Even if you try, I'm sure it'll improve the situation -Yeah, I admit it's a

-You tend to sing louder the closer you are to the mic, but maybe you could do it the other way around? It's somewhat problematic So try to back off from now on -Let's just turn these off and try to manage

-Turn what off? -If we're to switch all the lights off, we won't be able to film a thing, butWhatever -This room looks pretty good on paper now, though -Shouldn't we be here because if I back off any further, I won't be in the light -It's not so dark you can't be seen

-Me personally, I'd rather be in the shade -In fact it is pretty dark where you're standing in The pedalboard is a bit too up front -Bring Marina some water too! -I'd rather be somewhere less visible and give the singers the attention they need I've got some window cleaner for you if you want -Why aren't the singers getting any service around here? What's the status? -Status report: We're taking a cigarette break after all these hours of fucking waiting But in theory we are functional as we speak! -It's almost 1 goddamn AM right now -Nobody's hungover or shitting their pants so basically we're good

Let's go vibe Don't start yetMaybe now that it's actually rolling you have my permission to start Fuck, I missed on thing Gotta check it out on the go

The best tuner in the universe We're quite a few takes in and there's no end in sight -Goddamn, Peterson guitar tuner! -Goddamn! -Not that it'd start goddamn tuning, it'd be fucking great! -That goddamn Peterson's a complete dick, but he knows how to tune a goddamn guitar! If the temperature doesn't screw up my tuning, then Marina certainly will! -The fuck are you moving around in my personal space? *A joke that cannot be translated due to the linguistic limitations of English* It's starting to get more solid now, I think -At times it looked like the singers are running out of juice, but it's fine now -Maybe we should take two more takes and call it a night? -This previous take was pretty strong

-Yeah, I doubt we're gonna stay any later No sense in straining ourselves any further -At least with nothing non-alcoholic -What about the adapters? -I'll return them to you

Source: Youtube

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