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Sir Bob talks about the continued outpour of support they received | Iba 'Yan (With Eng Subs)


My day was only halfway over then, but my heart was already full because I heard some amazing stories about them Ahriel was the last person I spent time with

She is the top-notcher Sir Bob is very proud of Ahriel's parents are doing everything just to support her and make sure she finishes her studies I was top of our class from first to fifth grade It makes me proud Because when I'd go up the stage, the other parents would tell me how jealous they are

It's very heartwarming, of course Because her achievements tell us that all her hard work pays off At night, I'd use a solar lamp so I could read If the solar lamp and flashlight's batteries get drained, I'd use our kerosene lamp [MUSIC PLAYS] It's hard because I hardly get to see what I'm reading at night

I don't get to study properly Just study hard, my love Your father and I will always be here for you If we can support your needs, then we'll do it [LAUGHS] She's crying now

What's wrong? Huh? I'm happy because they are supporting me They're doing everything just so I can finish my studies That's because they love me I'll do everything to finish my studies, and I love you very much Aw! It's my first time to hear you say that, dear

[SENTIMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Ahriel, Diana, and Sir Bob's hard work is incomparable That is why the entire Iba 'Yan team, along with other Kapamilyas, did not hesitate to give them support Among the first to receive help were Sir Bob, the teachers, Don Arsenio Escudero Sr Memorial School, and the community of Sitio Baloc As for Ahriel and Diana, they will surely be able to study college thanks to the scholarship grants from the City Government of San Pablo I'm happy because now, my parents won't have to worry about it

This is a huge help to me and my family Thank you for the scholarship grant Now, I can surely finish my studies – Thank you so much, sir! – Thank you! This is a huge help! I wasn't expecting the girls to get scholarship grants It made me very happy as their second parent or second father

A few weeks later, let's see how Sir Bob, Ahriel, and Diana are doing Let us find out what changes happened to the school ever since I visited it After the Iba 'Yan team visited me, a lot has changed in our school They gave me the opportunity to use my own laptop In fact, I've been using this to write my reports

This laptop is a huge help What's amusing is that after they aired the Iba 'Yan episode about our school, I've been confirming lots of new friend requests on Facebook and Facebook Messenger As a matter of fact, these people are from different parts of the world And now, they've sent us 50 reams of bond paper as their way of helping us reproduce our modules We also have more COVID-free tables now We've put the tables out on the covered area, so we can entertain all the parents, who would claim the modules, there

The teachers and I have already scanned the television that has shows from Knowledge Channel We also saw which subjects can be used by each grade level I told Miss Angel then that the number of enrollees that we had were 102 As of this time, the number of enrollees that we have are 170 We've already exceeded last year's number of enrollees by 7%

I've already enrolled at Don Arsenio Escudero Sr Memorial School I'm an incoming sixth grader I've already been using the Liter of Light Lamp you gave us whenever I study We've already distributed the relief goods you gave us to our constituents or members of the school community

They're also very grateful to Miss Angel and Team Iba 'Yan because they badly need relief goods during these trying times They said the goods were a big help to them As the head teacher, I'm inspired to do the things I do every day because I know that you, my new friends, are just there I know you can help give our school the things we need Thank you so much

Take care, everyone

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