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Should You Tell Her You're Breaking Up With Her For Someone Else?


Should you tell your ex that you're breaking up with them for someone else? I came across this question and I knew I just had to answer this one So hi, I'm Netia Everett your Breakup Confidence and Relationship Expert and we're just gonna dive right on into this topic

Now I think you all know the answer to this particular question, but I'm just going to go ahead and take a stab at it anyway So should you tell your future ex should you tell the woman that you're breaking up with that you're leaving her for another woman? What would possess you to do something like that, it is the first question that comes to my mind Other than to drive her crazy, or make her insanely jealous, like no And women obviously you wouldn't do that to your guy either, even if you are breaking up with him because that's just cruel You're already putting this person through an ordeal

You're putting them through the heartache and that type of thing by breaking up with them in the first place Why would you diminish them even further by telling them, oh by the way I'm leaving you for someone else? See when you initiate the breakup she already assumed a few things as it is, even if they're not true She assumes that you're no longer attracted to her, or that you probably never really found her attractive She assumes that you guys are no longer compatible She assumes that she is not good enough for you and she's not good enough for anyone else as a result of this

She's been through enough already, don't you think? You're already breaking up with her and breaking her heart You don't need to add fuel to the fire Don't tell her Don't tell him that you're leaving for someone else That's only going to destroy something inside of them

If you want to see this woman curled up in a ball laying on the floor, then fine, do that And the same thing ladies, you know you wouldn't tell somebody at least you shouldn't tell the guy that you want to break up with that you're leaving him for someone else Unless he was you know, unless he mistreated you and he was, you know, he was just a douche the whole time, then fine You know, get your kicks in But otherwise, don't do that

Just don't We've got to remember to treat others the way we want to be treated We always have to remember to be kind to people even the people that we don't want to be with anymore Now let me back it up for just a second Alright, if you're in a situation with someone who let's see, maybe this person was cheating on you

Maybe every time you turn around you know you were a good woman or you were a good man but they were always just dogging you out they were you know spending your money they just completely mistreated you they weren't around they were you know in their social media liking their exes pics and you know just like in all sorts of dudes photos and things that you know just really aggravated you and and caused you guys to fight and just did all kind of douchebag-like stuff Okay then you know what, you know I always say use empathy love and kindness, but in this instance I can completely understand where you may not care much for your exes feelings at this time So you know you feel the need to do that I mean I'm not saying to do that but I can completely understand But if this person was actually good to you and you guys just didn't work out and it was you idea this was your idea – you know initiating this breakup or whatever and a good and again this person you know didn't deserve this this breakup

They didn't deserve you know any type of mistreatment from you, then no We always have this tendency to just completely disregard people's feelings once we feel like we're we've used them up and we're done with them But don't do that This is not the time to tell someone that you're breaking up with paint yeah by the way I'm leaving you for someone else interesting right so I want to hear your thoughts down below has anyone ever told you that they were breaking up with you you know for someone else and for any youtubers that are here trying to grow their channels feel free to do sub for subs in the comments, the only thing that I ask is that you actually be a participating member of the community So make sure you like this video make sure everyone likes this video that'd be great share this video

That would be great And go ahead and hit that subscribe button while you're at it That is all I have for today Thanks for watching!

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