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Short Film GIRL FRIEND || Bangla Entertainment full 4k Movies 2019 || Telefilm Bengali Short Movies


Please Share and Subscribe our channel Now watching "GIRL FRIEND" It's already 5:30 Still she didn't arrived Let me call her once Hey ! where are you ? Im waiting for You Dear My parents are not home As I told you before I want to do it today I dont want any excuses Come fast We will do it again and again today You know that when I decide something I can't stable my feelings Ok come come Bye Ok Come Come !! Welcome darling I was waiting for you so long Sorry Sorry Lets go and enjoy Yeah Lets go I'm so excited that we will do it again today Uff I just came hereYou will do it now Let me rest sometime Ok as you are insisting so much anyone dont beleive Yeah Yeah lets do it lets start doing TIKTOK videos My parents doesnt like it They have scholed me so much for it Leave it So what they are not here lets do it

Dont scare now Yeah yeah lets take this opportunity and make some awesome one See this one It's beautiful When are your parents coming ? They are not coming today I am the queen of this kingdom today You and your Kingdom Listen lets have some partyLets arrange some Liquor That can be arranged But which person will deliver it in this awkward time I have an retard I mean My Boyfriend Let me call him he will arrange something for sure Leave it please He will arrange something for having a I guess Yeah Let me call him once Yeah Yeah Hello! Where are you darling ? HuHuu

Can you arrenge some liquor now ? You know our club right ? There's a blue house there This is my friend's house You dont talk too much Come fast We will enjoy dear Coming right ? Yeah Ok Bye I can do a thing Let me call my boyfriend What ? I mean to say my boyfriend That will be great There is another empty room here We will enjoy in pairs But there's a little problem I have n't told him about my address ever Will that be a concern ? No problem

My boyfriend comes everynight and we sing together That didn't give me any problem Then call him Wait Actually phone isn't receiving Got it I think your boyfriend is feared and getting complexed by my handsome one Listen Don't push it bitch ok My boyfriend too is handsome Really? Then show his picture Why would I ? You do it first He will come in a bit Then you can surely see him You stay with your Show his picture? Then your boyfriend is a You sit with him

understand? Your Boy friend has came Let me pick him Babe liquor is ready Where's your girlfriend ? In your back You ??? This is done Yeah Baby You are saying something and I won't do it Is it possible ? Doing with you again and again has kept me living baby What will be drink, in the blue home ??? Yeah Yeah OkOk

My liquor is ready I am ready I'm just coming in 5 minutes Yes Okbye What's matter bro? Having relation with so many girls I am not getting even one bitch It's my thing

It is not possible by likes of you bitches But aren't your other girls aware of it ??? Look another girl is calling But I won't pick her up It's a tactics You won't understand When you are giving time someone make it only for her You wait here let me go and enjoy Oh my

Liquer and money to buy liquor both get


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