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SHOCKING Breaking News: Alien Mummies of Nazca. Russian Scientist Konstantin Korotkov, Jaime Maussan


Hello everyone, my name is Weam and welcome to another episode of QOR As you've seen in the title of this video we're gonna be discussing the Nazca lines today Nazca has the highest concentration of lines and figures the Nazca plateau is located about 40 kilometres from the coastline since satellite imaging surveys this line has now been confirmed to be straight the end of the trapezoid is the marking of the beginning of the complex figure design when we examine it further we see that the entire figure is drawn with a single line yeah it has eight legs instead of six which makes it a spider so stop referring to it as an anti ignorant and the second is that all the curves used in this design are busiest style curves please subscribe as I make thought-provoking of content every week also please go support these other channels as they are what make my work possible and now without further ado let's get started in the early 90s he figured completely different than the ones we saw earlier was found near papa these figures are referred to as geometric glyphs there has been more than 12 of these geometric glyphs discovered so far what is intriguing about these geometric designs is up close they are not accurate as the terrain is rather rugged some of these geoglyphs have even been spotted as late as 2012 due to their lack of high contrast from the plateau itself which is not very similar to Nazca the irregular topography of this region makes it even more difficult to construct and according to Igor the construction mechanism here is not the same as the one in Nazca he suspects that the floor was carved out using stones rather than the top layer being brushed off another style of construction observed is more common at eeka which is 100 kilometers away from Nazca this style uses the alignment of individual stone clusters in some cases like in Ingenio the gravel layer goes deep into the ground the last method observed so far is the elevation of the floor bed itself which is quite eerie and very weird the last thing to discuss is the recent excavations in the region these have revealed some building structures that resemble stepped pyramids it has been thought that the ancient cultures of Nazca that lived in the region for 1500 years were not a sophisticated civilization but from the new excavations we can infer otherwise these pyramid structures have pushed some independent researchers to do more excavations as the Peruvian government hasn't been very supportive of this work and since 2017 new mummies have been found well given that my five-year-old nephew watches a show and I don't want him to poop his pants I'll not be showing these images because these mummies are hella out of this world honestly I don't really recommend you see them as well unless you enjoy not sleeping soundly at night the three fingers is a characteristic that makes it unique and unforgettable it was not our around the skull but it was very protected the DNA tests showed that these mummies don't share any genetic material with any known species of humans so I guess someone can go tell the search for extraterrestrial intelligence to shut down their facilities and give us the research money instead thank you very much it is absolutely clear that we are facing Chris very exciting sedation yes all data that we have tells us that it's not human-like it's not just simple mutation but it's another type of human species we don't know whether it was some line of humans with elongated skulls who was living on the earth for maybe millenniums that I'm sure that it will open up a new page of human history new page of civilization history given all the evidence we've gathered so far about Nazca and the Peruvian coast it is incomprehensible how anything like that could be constructed without using advanced technologies and flying machines also do you think we're genuinely ready as a civilization to reveal knowledge of advanced and intelligent beings that might share our planet if so please let me know in the comments so I can add you to the disclosure mailing list and I'll send you an update as soon as I'm contacted as always please share this video so that we can raise our awareness on this planet and hopefully become on par with those ancient civilizations stay tuned for another episode coming next week to cinemas near you make sure to subscribe hit the like button and let question reality together

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