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She's Dating Twins?! ? A Dream Or… Nightmare? | May the Best Twin Win | MTV


– Do you ever not wash your hands after using the bathroom? I would never do that because that is vile – I've been guilty of it

– Okay That's disgusting – Make your O face, oh orgasm face (grunting) Make your orgasm face – You don't see your own face when you do it, but it's probably just like

– [Narrator] Hold it together boys! – This girl is freaking hot ♪ That's what I like ♪ – Do you want kids? I do not want kids, I have worked with kids and I will never do it again – I'm good with a dog, thank you – Yeah, that's a good sign – I do want kids, yeah

I want like three or four of them – Oh, that's a lot – [Narrator] We have a mismatch on our hands! – Rate yourself in bed on a scale of one to 10 10, with confidence – Okay

– With confidence – I'm gonna go with a nice six – I'm gonna say a comfortable eight and a half Avery, why are you only at a six? – It depends on the night It depends where we're at, what bed we're in, who I'm with

– Listen, wherever I am, you're getting 110% – [Woman] Okay

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