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Shane Dawson Speaks Out on BREAK IN to HIS Home!


Shane Dawson surprise Basically everyone on the internet without warning with deleted scenes of his latest series and even footage of an ear break into his home What is up? Its your boy Andy Lalwani here from ricci studios in Hollywood and you're watching what's trending now Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for all your social media news daily, and be sure to leave a comment down below What do you think after you watch this video now? There are some spoilers miss because you know what Shane Dawson dropped a video on the internet on his new Latest channel called Shane Lawson and it's just fully and and all the emotions and having me through it I'm so through it and still just wanting to give you the synopsis Now Shane Dawson recently created the YouTube channel if you didn't know called Shane Clawson where he actually wanted to create a low profile place to upload more clips of him doing his own thing and all that jazz without a lot of Pressure but like without warning again as we said this afternoon He dropped a new extension to his second series with Jeffery star The video was called the end of the beauty world which it actually feels like it's the end of the beauty world with some of the things that were about to spoil for you if you haven't seen It if you have seen it good keep watching if you haven't seen it Just click away Come back in like 36 minutes just about that Shane Literally, it seems like just dumped all the extra footage that didn't make it to the series itself into one episode that was a literal hodgepodge to all the haters out there who made fun of the series a lot of these clips were like Pointing to the comments that people have made online for how Shane didn't go in-depth enough in certain areas on his serious and it kind of just like put all these comments around and one portion Shane revealed a new makeup room that was built in the home built by Ryland for Shane and Even a PR box valid at nearly thirteen hundred dollars that was sent from fancy Beauty and he even tells fans how much he received In makeup since starting the series itself

Oh, yeah I'm on a list of like 15 different companies They put me on Kat Von D's list and I have to tell I Use her foundation a pretty good Now personally, I feel like Shane included that video because people were like Shane you're not playing with makeup You're not showing any looks like he basically gave you a whole receipt of the entire wall shelf of entire Brands from jeffrey star to anything from Kylie cosmetics do anything down the list because it's it's basically putting the rumor to rest that Shane Has done his homework and has kind of experiments would make In addition Shane actively spoke out about how the beauty community treated one another in some clips Shane pointed out his Jacqueline Hill box He received which many people were upset They didn't include anything about Jacqueline Hill and the hairs that were discovered in her lipsticks in his series itself Jamie have a little toss on what? Geoffrey gave us some advice when they had a little video chat in his home on what he would do if he was in Jacqueline scenario Aside from that saying as a talk with Morgan about how Entitled some beauty gurus feel they are how shades truly came together for the palette and even how jeffree star reacted when his warehouse was broken into Definitely, you know, it's crazy Someone might try But like the big thing that gagged most of us including me was Shane revealed that he had somebody Attempt to break in to his home and it looks really scary from the looks of it and from everything He showed I'm surprised it wasn't included in the series itself And a video taken from its iPhone at the time Shane and round are shown in their living room one night when a suspicious person Came literally knocking on every single window and door of their home in the middle of the night The clip shows the two checking throughout their security cameras actually petrified throughout the entire ordeal and their phone call with the police Or Eponine on their way cops finally comment Do you guys Later on the person who attempted to break into the house was caught by police Just shortly after and they actually found some drugs and other possessions in his backpack Deborah had mentioned that Shane might have some people coming after him But he didn't know it meant like physically showing up to his doorstep It comes as a surprise to many that Shane didn't include this in his series before No one's sure why that burglar really tried to come in the neighborhood and at Shane's house either Since then Shane has actually answered the security in his home He shows that in the footage from the series itself, but I'm just dumbfounded I'm really confused why this happened? And also why Shane is now giving light to it now but leave a comment down below if you're also just as shocked and also wondering What Shane may put on his new channel next because I didn't expect this and I certainly don't know he's gonna do next For more what's trending be sure to follow us on Instagram and follow me on Instagram at Andy Lolani Be sure to stay safe Keep your locks on and try a pallet

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