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Shag Harbour UFO incident – 1967


Shag Harbour is a small fishing village on the east coast of Canada it is a peaceful place where the locals focus on the sea not the sky but in 1967 a dramatic UFO incident upended shag harbors quiet ways it was October 4th 1967 when two of the townspeople are route to their homes spotted something strange above the treeline my friend and I were talking there's no he was driving and all of a sudden my friend said but look at those lights in the sky when we first see him they looked like they were stopped of course we were driving in the car and we couldn't tell if they were stopped or or if they were moving or what they were and after we lost sight of it we were in around the corner we gained side of it for a few more seconds than we lost sight of it again I know I were scared when I first got into the car because I wasn't very long very long getting into the house later to get my father and get him to come out and have a look at I was kind of hoping that it would stay there long enough for him to see it and you know he's come home and I told my mother about it and first question of course was your drinking and I said no I don't think so Smith and Kendrick weren't the only ones to see the strange lights many of the locals watched as they flickered off and on suddenly the luminous object turned on its side and plummeted into the harbour waters eyewitnesses rushed to notify the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP the people who initially arrived on the scene the civilians who were called in the aid the RCMP concerns were first survivors most people saw this thing occur from a distance and it was initially thought that perhaps it was an airplane crash but what the eyewitnesses saw or in this case what RCMP officer saw when they arrived on the scene I mean there were at least three officers on the shoreline that at least saw a pale yellow light moving on the water they all felt that it was something quite unusual the RCMP officers were not alone in observing the mysterious object they were surrounded by a small gathering of spectators and we all seen it the police seen it and everybody was I guess startled by it and nobody had none of the people that were there had ever seen anything like it before you know I had no I know I hadn't the witnesses stood and stared mesmerized by the strange light on the water then just as suddenly as it had appeared the light vanished a Coast Guard Cutter was summoned but local fishermen already on board their vessels headed for the spot where the light had last been seen they were looking for survivors but the only clue that anything had happened that night was a thick layer of an unknown substance there was a great bubbly foam and it was yellow nothing I had ever seen before he couldn't smell no older or anything and we went about probably three lengths of the boat and we ran out of it and we turned around turned the boat around and came back into it and we ran out of it again the foam like the lights eventually disappeared when it was obvious there was no further sign of distress the search ended for the evening by the following morning the RCMP had already made contact with nearby military bases they were hoping to find a reasonable explanation for what they'd seen there was none this left the small town of shag harbour to become big news it's a headline story throughout the North American press and beyond and in that it was said quite clearly there were statements made by personnel at Canadian Forces headquarters in Ottawa saying that yes indeed we are searching for the crash of what we believe to be an unidentified flying object this is one of those rare cases where something indeed real is gone into the water and it's not an aircraft and it's not space junk this was an official statement Canadian Armed Forces clearly stated that the object was officially a UFO but the question of where it went after hitting the water was still a mystery Canada's Department of National Defence was determined to find out military authorities ordered an underwater search within hours of the sighting a Navy diving team was bobbing off the shores of the tiny fishing village scanning the harbour bottom for debris meanwhile shag harbour residents were stunned by what was happening in their small town those who had been the first to witness the lights were quickly gaining notoriety everybody to use me a lot of his seeing Martians and all that stuff but alright I believe I see something I did see something there's no question about that and what it was that I don't know it was something there was definitely something the people shag Harbor had no expectations Roswell although it occurred in 47 did not become you know a story in a case until almost into the 80s at least until 78 and they weren't influenced by that this shag harbour stood alone nothing was found during the Navy's three-day vigil on the 8th of October the search was canceled Media interest began to wane and life in shag harbour settled back to normal but researchers now claim there is more to this incident than originally revealed 26 years later the case was reexamined and unofficial information began to emerge the men from the original Navy diving team were the first to talk and what a story they had to tell these men are claiming that there was the second operation and their story has been corroborated by other enforces personnel that this UFO did not stay in the shag Harbor area but got away under the water and went up the coast and came to rest near government point now our government point you have a secret base in those days it was an American base on Canadian soil to have a an unidentified craft of any type sitting very near this facility and on some of their detection equipment it would be a matter of extreme concern the Shelbourne military base at government point is now closed but at the time of the sightings it was a first line of defense against Soviet threats here American forces monitored for submarine activity using a sensitive underwater grid according to the unofficial story an object triggered the detection device and a flotilla of Navy vessels responded from our best information six to seven ships camped over the object for a boat a week keeping an eye on it divers went down on it when diver in particular makes no bones about it that this thing was a you know was a an unidentified flying object and there were things on it and as the men put it there was still activity in these crafts and they're absolutely certain that there was nothing from the surface that it was a UFO so this does go beyond the official record by quite a stretch according to researchers other eyewitnesses have come forward making this story difficult to dismiss so what evidence do we have this happening we have three to four people to tell us the story that this did happen we've got the integrity of the witnesses but that's you know we witnesses are we don't have you don't have the smoking gun that's for sure but I think we got we probably have the gun but we just don't have the bullets the unofficial story may never have confirmation but it most certainly is complete there is a beginning a middle and according to investigators a surprising end one of the things I enjoy most about the story is that saying because I suppose you could say you philosophically speak and it has a happy ending unlike most of these stories after the ship set over this object for a week the UFOs start moving again while still submerged under the water and move down the coast of Nova Scotia and open to the Gulf of Maine once in the Gulf of Maine they surface and fly away this was a genuine UFO event and what does that mean yes it was an unidentified flying object but beyond that it means that it's nothing conventional there are certainly aspects of us that you cannot explain or explain away

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