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Shaboo Weekly Good Message Jan 27// The REVEAL // Ground-breaking!


hiya it's Veronica your artist here at Shaboo Prints welcome back to Shaboo Prints artist studio to receive your weekly Shaboost! a positive message that will help start your week off on an up for a while now I've been talking to you about the relationships we're building the new products that are developing and to keep an eye out for something new well it's time to start showing you what all that hard work has been abouthiya it's Veronica your artist here at Shaboo Prints and welcome to the Shaboo Prints artist studio I am excited to share with you our newest products they are windows to the Shaboo happy place this example comes from our new category Shaboost The Soul this one reads "Your freedom lies and how different you are from everyone else" cards with messages that hearts will recognize use our free app to Shaboo! the image and watch something Shabootiful! happen other new categories are Going To A Shindig? great for birthdays and Send Enchantment windows too whimsical short stories keep an eye out for Shaboo Prints because we have lots of products developing welcome back to your happy place! Shaboo Prints created these innovative new products as part of your positive lifestyle this one here is from our Going To A Shindig? category which contains lots of fun birthday cards on the outside it reads "we enter the world head-first enjoy your birthday head-first!" now that you've got your card and you've downloaded the Shaboo AR Scanner app you open the app and you will see a magical window open up into the world of Shaboo and in this case you'll find our daredevil Lenny enjoying your birthday head-first we've always been so much more than a card or gift manufacturer we are a lifestyle brand Shaboo Prints created these products to provide you with joyful experiences that you can feel with windows in which your imagination can expand these feel fun and good remember what that feels like will you do now and for a limited time for one week only we'll offer 15% discount on daredevil Lenny's birthday card click the link below and to further celebrate the magic that's being created by Shaboo Prints partnering with augmented reality buy a card any card augmented reality or not and now receive a free reusable scannable sticker that contains an uplifting powerful animation it's like a mobile Shaboost! stick it on your schoolbooks stick it on your refrigerator stick it in your car stick it in your workspace "we enter this world head-first let's live head-first!" thank you for letting me share with you this innovative new product we are excited to be able to offer a new up-leveled experience of joy come back again next week when we will either get our a message from the Good Message Spinner the Message Trough or the Good Message Book who knows? but until then, live big and play hard!

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