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Seventeen's Top 5 Music Videos | MTV News


– Hello, we are – [All] Seventeen! – Here are our top 5, Seventeen music videos – Okay, clap – The video itself, we just

like, loved the effects, and the whole video is a pretty dope video so, yeah (Cheering) – I shot the scene where I had to like, float with
the cable

Like yeah, I was like floating towards the ceiling of my room Of our bedroom And that was actually pretty cool, it kind of reminded me of 'The Matrix' Yeah – It has a very warm mood to it

– The choreo is like really dynamic so it's really really intense, it takes a lot of energy so I think(speaks Korean) Yeah, it's like our endurance in general – The choreo is like our top 3 most intense choreos, yeah

– [All] (laughter)

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