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Sejarah berdirinya K-POP (SM Entertainment) | K-POP


Hello friends Bro [MUSIC Back with me, Risal Firmansyah Channel MasRisal oke maybe this video is a little different namely history one of the K-pop productions or K-pop companies in South Korea And many created musicians Boyband or Girlband in South Korea which is SM Entertainment

which is a company First, FirstTalent, Producer and Publisher of K-pop music in Korea which was established on February 14, 1995 Senior / Senior singer Lee Son Man formerly BC from his name SM namely (Son Man) and now it's replaced by the name Star Museum or perverted stars / stars in 1995 after he graduated from art school or or arts institute his ideas founded SM Entertainment
after he watched the entertainment world revolution in the United States during its heyday micheal jackson and he feels he has high potential for his success he also made a plan to create a The Korean version of Hollywoond itself apart from that SM

Source: Youtube

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