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Sebastian Stan MTV News Interview on ‘I, Tonya’ & Luke Skywalker Audition [LEGENDADO]


Horowitz: Sebastian, let's talk about 'I, Tonya' Stan: Come on

– We're here anyway – Once again H: One more time Congratulations again, man, it's always a pleasure to see you S: Thank you

H: This is one, as you know, the first time we talked about when it was launched in Toronto just a few months ago, and, you know, it doesn't often happen that a movie releases that fast It just shows how immediate the audience's response was It's being put on the list for the awards season! This is really cool! S: Yes, absolutely H: Let's talk a little bit about, you know, when I think of biographies, I don't necessarily I think of someone like Tonya Harding; Who gets this kind of treatment in a movie, normally we think of world leaders or like Gandhi, I don't know, but why do you think Tonya deserves that kind of treatment in a movie? S: Well, there are probably two answers to that question, one that you cannot deny that there is a huge sensationalism of the story that you can’t get it right, I mean, it's really like a movie when you look at it And second, I think she deserves a second chance, i think she was really misunderstood and very vilified at that time

I don’t think everyone could get to know her story, what kind of person she was, how she grew up, and the events in her life that contributed to her unpredictable personality H: You came to the script with some pre-defined opinions about what you heard of the story? S: Certainly, yes 100% I recently watched "30 for 30: The Price of Gold", and it left me with that weird feeling about the story, I feel the same way about the OJ case, that has something hidden, some myth, at that point where you’re never quite sure, you're always thinking about, so I was really curious to find out who was really telling the truth, what was going on And then when I read the script, which was basically the interviews that Steven Rogers did with Tonya and Jeff, respectively, that made it possible to see another side of the story, so my interest existed, to want to explore it I was also hesitating because I never played anyone that way, Jeff had a certain appearance, he sounded in a certain way, and had all the things that were said about him, you know, you usually come across a paper and try to find certain things that you identify with, but here I had to mold myself to something that already existed, so this challenge was scary but also very attractive, because I never did that, and lastly, I had to look at other factors in the story in addition to these pre-conceived things about what happened, about domestic violence so that I could, you know, open up, otherwise I would never have I would have stopped myself halfway all the time

H: You alluded to one of the coolest things in the movie, which is how it delivers various perspectives, as if he saw that there are always at least two sides to a story, and this is something that, you know, you being a public figure you must have already experienced it I imagine that when you started to be well known and magazines started writing about you, I am sure there have been rumors that have persisted over the years that you saw being scattered – For sure – Something that already upset you, or found it irritating or; some that continues to be linked to you – and continues to be brought up

– Rumors? Yes, not a rumor, but one more story that is Well, I'm Mark Hamill's son That's true But yes

Sorry, I cut you I was just going to say, there was something you had to take a while to get used to, when you started to see things about you that were complete lies? S: I think this is something very reportable with this film, I think it's something that we can all identify with Like, what is a celebrity? I mean, we live in an era where social networks dominate, so I think at a certain point, – we are all in sight – Right – Anyone can write anything – Exactly, you post something, you get comments, someone says something negative in a not-so-cool way, we are all responding to that feeling, and it's something that we can identify with in the film, when we look at characters and people who were prepared to deal with that level of fame

So, exactly what I may have felt in perhaps a much smaller scale, they must have felt on a giant scale, Tonya and Jeff, but, yes, this is always present, it is never something organic or natural, you are never prepared for it H: My job is to speak to public figures and very famous people, and I have to say, your fans are very, very dedicated, in a nice way, I felt it in a good way, at least Well, is there a name for the Sebastian Stan fandom that you like, or? S: Ah, man, somehow I said that term, "Winter's Children" a long time ago, and picked up

But yes, I feel very lucky I have nothing to compare with, because that’s all I’ve had with them from interaction so far, so I'm just grateful, especially at Comic Cons, where I can see some faces over time, there are some people that I’ve seen over the years, and there’s a strange familiarity to it, in a way that you are growing, they are growing parallel to you, and I think it just opened my eyes to the idea to be known in a different, more humble way H: Was there a moment when a line was crossed? I mean, you want to support your fans and make them feel like they're having a moment besides just a selfie or something, but was there ever something, like, someone siding with you in the urinal, or? There was one that you were like, "I appreciate love, but I think I need a second here

"? S: Fortunately, something strange never happened like that, but I don't know, we are all people, right? I feel that in New York, you are more prone to you are more likely to run into people you don't want to see than with people who are happy to see you

– A little bit of love here and there is cool – Yes I think If there weren't, I think it wouldn't be as cool as it is

H: So, back to the subject of the film, what would be your olympic sport, when you were growing up, there was a sport that – Yes Yes? S: It was always basketball, basketball was always my thing I know it isn't, I don't think about the Olympics in that sense H: You prefer the professional first

S: I like the Olympics, I like Ski and Snowboard, – extreme sports were definitely – Another extreme sports guy? Yes, not that I would ever practice, obviously, I never skated on the ice H: You would obviously succeed, but you would just respectfully refuse – Yes, I would definitely refuse

– That's very noble of you S: Yes, you know, I have to be honest H: We sit down to talk when you were still working on the Avengers movies, I don't know if we can say that you were kidding or what, but you signed a poster recently S: See, you asked if at any point a line was crossed

Was that a line that was crossed? I have no idea H: You drew a beard on Chris Evans' face S: A fan said to me, "you can add whatever you want to Chris’s face", and I thought, it would be either a thought bubble or that H: So should we expect Steve Rogers as a Nomad next time? S: You can expect anything, I wasn't even the first person to say that, someone else had already said that about him being the Nomad He's without a star on his chest, so I don't know what that means

H: I think you do know S: I probably, the way it was, I would probably be on the set like "You don't have a star on your chest, does that mean

?" I was going to find out at some point H: Are you satisfied? Do you feel like you have a story in these two Avengers movies? S: I am, I am, I mean, my job there was to serve the main story, for now, but yes, there is a story there for him, a continuation that will proceed with what we've seen of it so far H: Lastly, you mentioned this earlier, fans noticed and you recognized that you have a similarity with young Luke Skywalker, young Mark Hamill, – Yes so, that's my question, is there anything what really matters in the universe? Is it serious? Something that you would be in, being that they have been talking in interviews

Make the internet lively S: I believe in the power of people – I felt the pain for a second – Oh God

IS I wish I did that S: No, I would be Look Fans may want what they want, I believe that

I'm happy to be able to continue talking about it all the time, I just feel for Mark Hamill, I think he's being subpoenaed now, with it while he’s out there promoting his films, I hope he doesn't get bored because of all this, but he who chose to call himself my father, my father, he calls himself my father, so, I think he looked for it H: Here's a chance to close a deal, here's your test – for Luke Skywalker – Right Some iconic lines, you would like to record your test – for Luke Skywalker? – My God – This is going to be so bad – This is your camera S: I don't even know what Alderaan is – This is very bad

– Have you seen the movies? I saw H: Introduce yourself to the camera, – you know what a test is like – OK yes – Hi, I'm Sebastian Stan, I'm six feet tall I'm applying for the role of Luke Skywalker OK I can not OK

"I want to go with you to Alderaan There is nothing for me here I want to I want to learn the ways of strength to become a Jedi like my father

" "But I was going to Tosche Station to get some power converters!" – You wrote this? – Tosche Tosche Station Damn it I'm really lost Okay, this one is good "I will never go to the dark side You failed, your highness I am a Jedi, as my father was before me " You made me look like a real idiot

– Mission Accomplished! – Very good S: Perfect I'm like really believing that I would have any chance in this film H: You rocked a minute ago – Thanks, man, it's always a pleasure to see you, – Mine too

good luck with your role in the next Star Wars prequel – Ah, yes, I'll call you first – I'll find you – You may need advice, I help you Please

I'm already excited

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