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Scholarships For Success Ep. 3 | Breaking The Cycle


>> I'm hoping to continue being a difference in our society and more importantly, in our children's life because they are our future ♪♪ [fountain bubbles] I started thinking about higher education right after high school

I was experiencing domestic violence and I was unable to find a job because I didn't have a degree, I didn't have education, the skills So at that point in my life I realized how how important education was Then I decided to enroll at Green River ♪♪ One of the barriers that I faced at the beginning of my college education was the cost I was a DACA recipient

I didn't qualify for financial aid so I basically had to pay out of pocket my tuition costs I remember having to drop the class because I didn't have money to pay for it So I was told to go to the Foundation and I got in contact with Joshua Gerstman And I remember sitting in his office, crying almost because at that point in life I was tired, I was exhausted, and I didn't have money But, he was really encouraging and told me to write a two page essay to see if I could qualify for scholarships

He financially helped me through the Foundation but also emotionally encouraged me to continue my application Honestly at that point, if it wasn't for Joshua, I probably wouldn't be here with three years of college education ♪♪ I was able to qualify for a Green Card but unfortunately the fee was $1200 I didn't have $1200 in my bank account Green River and St

Martin's University helped me with 50% of the fee each So, I no longer have to fear deportation, I no longer have to fear being pulled over, and I can focus all my energy into my actual academic course I am, for now, a permanent resident ♪♪ Another activity that I have is volunteering at a high-risk juvenile detention center With my cohort from the social work program our main focus is to encourage them to go to college, To obtain higher education and break that cycle

To me, being part of the detention centers program is very crucial because that is my way of paying back my donors I feel like I can contribute to society with everything I have learned through my education I want to tell my donors with my actions that I'm grateful, and I'm thankful, and that I am going to continue helping and supporting society ♪♪ [speaking in Spanish] ♪♪

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