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Scarlett Johansson on Breaking Away from Hyper-Sexualized Type-Casting | Close Up


(soft rhythmic music) – I'm curious how important it is for all of you to, sort of, shift what people expect from you based on your choices? – It's so different now, the climate is so different now There's so many wonderful opportunities for women of every age to play all different types of people and, I feel when I was working in my early 20s and even my late teens, early 20s I felt that I sort of got, somehow, typecast

I was very, kind of, hyper-sexualized Which was, I guess, at the time, seemed okay to everyone It was another time Even though it wasn't part of my own narrative, it was, kind of, crafted for me by probably a bunch of dudes in the industry And, I guess, that worked then, but, it was really difficult for me to try to figure out how to get out of being an ingenue or the other woman because it was never anything that I had intended

I had been working since I was eight years old and, certainly, that was never a goal of mine I, sort of, had to shake it up a little bit because I just couldn't seem to, I just didn't want to work on stuff that I knew how to do and knew I could do it and it was like, what is this? I remember thinking at the time, maybe I need a different job in this industry that would, sort of, be more fulfilling 'cause there seemed like there was just nowhere to go And so, I actually had the opportunity to do a play To do an Arthur Miller play on Broadway and it totally reset my whole way of thinking about how I could work and what the different kind of opportunities that could be available to me And it's amazing how theater is limitless

And it just felt so, even though it was terrifying, it felt, it was liberating because I actually felt that every night I had the opportunity to change the narrative And I had, as Lupita had said earlier, you have control of your own fate on stage to some degree and you're in charge of your own destiny up there (soft rhythmic music) – Now, you have two very different films that have come out Is there one that was, sort of, more intimidating for you than the other? – I don't know if intimidated is really the right word exactly I think both of those films, even though they're really different, and the thing they do have in common is that the scripts were like beautiful little gems

Both scripts And Laura read, obviously, "Marriage Story" and it was such a, it was incredible I mean, I think what people that have seen it don't necessarily realize is that every hesitation and every unfinished sentence is all scripted and no one is really You know, it's, the words are the words and you have to stick to that, – [Jennifer] It was there – Yeah, it's all right there and he's a real stickler about that, which is fine

But, you have to, you have this, kind of, structure and then you figure it out It was challenging at times just because, Noah's relentless and he works to exhaustion I've never really been able to have that experience, just burning film like that It's something you do when you do theater because you just keep, it's one of the beautiful things about doing theater is that you get that chance over and over again to figure it out You figure it out every night and it's so exciting 'cause you have, you surprise yourself all the time and you're stuck with this text

And that's, kind of, the experience that I certainly had and Laura had, too You had all this opportunity to just try it all out and it was challenging, but, it also, you, kind of, keep coming back to, okay, I can't stray from this so, I'm gonna make these discoveries within the confines of this text And it was, I wouldn't say intimidating, but, it was it was challenging, definitely – I was intimidated when I read your monologue and watched you tirelessly learning it – [Scarlett] Fumble through it? – No, my God, no

In makeup and hair, and we would run lines and I would listen to you memorizing it and take one was flawless This human being, opening her heart and telling this entire story Not one word missed I was just mesmerized It was amazing to watch you do that

– All the actors were hand shy when Noah walked past I didn't add a then! I wasn't a then! (laughing) (soft rhythmic music)

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