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Sara & Filip · Breaking New Ground update


Hi, we are Sara and Filip from Denmark and we have just moved to Greenland, to the capital Nuk to pioneer a student ministry The way God led us to Greenland is I think in a very undramatic way

So the Danish IFES movement arranged a trip to Greenland to see if it would be a place that could make sense to start an IFES movement And before that trip both Sara and I didn’t have any real relationship to Greenland But I think on that trip we developed a love for the country and a deep love for the people, and we saw some kind of a need where we could see ourselves in it, so we felt the need to try and establish a Greenlandic IFES movement So the pioneering context that we have landed in is – well, Greenland is a former colony of Denmark which gives a lot of challenges, but it also gives us the opportunity to speak Danish which makes it very easy for us to start and meet with the people We have already met with some of the young students and we have a small group of people meeting together and reading the Bible together already, so that’s really really nice

Greenland is a Christian country, so going to church is very common for Greenlandic people, but practicing being a Christian outside of church isn’t very common, so every little step we’re making, just to make groups with other young people and reading the Bible together that’s a very big step for them, and it’s a very new thing So we can feel that – or they have said – that they have different ideas for what we can do together, and Bible study was one of their main wishes for us to do We have two things that we would like your help to pray with The first thing is for an open door to the high school in Nuk, in Greenland, a way in for us to meet some students, and the second thing is help with make this movement truly a Greenlandic movement So right now we are at a conference at Breaking New Ground and here we have the ability to meet with others who are pioneering student ministry in different places in the world and even though their countries and their context is very different from the Greenlandic, I still feel we can share stories and share possibilities in the countries we have gone into, so that’s a very great help for us, as you can get a little lonely up in the cold north sometimes

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