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SAP and Peer5: Scale video without breaking your network, using WebRTC


How do we continue to provide a high quality service Without jeopardizing our infrastructure Then we came to that The P2P approach – WebRTC Basically, if you're using a modern browser today It's there If it's Chrome, if it's Safari It's there, so why not using it And that's what we have done with Peer5 Once, we got our key to implement that We put it in just the browser, the player of Kaltura At the very same moment, the system becomes active All the employees, looking at it at the very same time, now once this solution is activated The first user will effectively consume the video from the server All the other users will consume it from that user Or the other ones that are caching it through their browsers We drastically reduce the load on the network and that's definitely what we were looking for

Source: Youtube

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