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Samir… you're breaking the car!!! | Real Life vs GTA V


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Go! Fast sharp right Fast sharp right Sharp right! Sharp right! Listen Samir You have to listen to my calls, Samir Please I beg you! Fast medium right! You are to turn the wheels, Samir – ehhh Shut up, ya! – Fast medium left [something] downhill, triple caution! Triple caution! Stay center! TRIPLE CAUTION! Stay center! Concentrate, Samir, please! Medium left long, LONG! LONG, LOOONG! Turn it! Medium left! Medium left! Medium left nice and easy TURN! Throttle! Fast, medium left long! Long! In! In! In! Medium right! Concentrate! Medium left! Medium left! Medium LEEEEFT!!! LISTEN

TO MY CALLS!!! Medium left into sharp left You are not concentrating, Samir! – Ya, ya [gibberish] – Samir! You have to listen, Samir Otherwise it is not working, Samir Seriously, you are watching and driving

You ought to go easy, Samir Otherwise you won't finish You ought to go easy, Samir I'm telling you You are not listening – Shut up, yeah? – Nah, I'm just giving you advice, Samir Into double caution! DOUBLE CAUTION! JUMP! [gibberish] Samir, Samir! Samir, Samir FAST MEDIUM RIGHT! LISTEN TO THE CALLS! SAMIR, PLEASE! LISTEN TO THE CALLS

[unintelligible screams of despair] Samir Samir, you will break the car We will not finish ;( You understand? Say something, please! – ok, ok, ok Ohhh, fuck! Samir, Samir! What are you doing, man? Fuuucking hell Samir, can you please concentrate? Please

Please! I beg you! You are wrecking the car! oooOOOAHHHH Samir, Samir! You are wrecking the caaar! – Shut up! – sss Samir What are you doing, my friend? – shut up don't tell me how to drive

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