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[S2 – Eps. 49] Parts breaking off my Royal Enfield Himalayan to see this: Cono de Arita, Argentina


It feels like this stretch was never going to end Finally, in the distance I see the next salt flat I hope it's a little bit easier I'm all this time riding at 4000 meters altitude the road

it's tough, it's not easy Good morning internet! It is 07:12 hours in the morning and welcome back to the channel Now I already packed Dhanno, I am almost ready to go but the thing is, I am now in a town called El Penon, in Argentina And yesterday I tried to look for food but I couldn't find anything and breakfast only starts at 07:30 hours so I thought, you know what, I'm going to wait until 07:30 hours and have a breakfast because otherwise I leave a half hour before and hungry and without food, so that's what I am going to do so I have everything ready, so the only thing I have to do is have the breakfast and I'm on my way Today I am riding to an even smaller town called Tolar Grande and I believe it's about 285 kilometers from here As I said in the previous video, the first 65 kilometers are paved and then it will be unpaved And I really have to get petrol in that next town because after that, there will be no more opportunities for petrol today and in the next ride there won't be any opportunities for the beginning of the ride either so it's important that I manage to fill up in the next town I'll show you on the map a little bit where I am to give an idea Alright, so we have here Argentina and I am now somewhere over here in this area so this entire stretch there is almost nothing there's very little roads, there's very little people It's a pretty remote area and where I will end up today is somewhere somewhere around here so not even on the yellow road it will be somewhere in this area where I'm gonna go today So this small stretch is already 285 kilometers It's now 07:40 hours so I'm still plenty in time It's a beautiful day I've now reached the town Antofagasta de la Sierra, so this is where I'm going to get petrol Look! Lamas! Oh, another check again Hello! Good morning! How are you? Good! Sorry? Where are you coming from? From El Penon I'm going to Tolar Grande To Tolar Grande? You are going to Tolar Grande? Yes Please hand me your drivers licence and vehicle papers Ok, thank you How was it at Piedra Pomez? Yesterday I went to Piedra Pomez Everything okay? Yes

You liked it? Yes, beautiful! Goodbye! I don't know why they do all these check here Let's get petrol Uhmm Full please yes And this one also Thank you Is it okay? Thirty-five Thank you very much He gave me 75 cents less Which is almost nothing but he was like: is it okay? Yes of course Alright, we are all filled up It is now still 224 kilometers and according to my information all will be unpaved I think, when I leave this town so let's see It looks like my information was correct and that it's going to be unpaved from here Alright it's time to let out a little bit of air out of my tyres again so I have more grip Let's go! Hey doggies! You coming with me? This is not snow although I'm at 3400 meters altitude This is all salt I'm entering an area with a lot of salt flats I think today I'll also be riding over a salt flat so all this white: all salt Hi! Everything okay? Spanish? No English Where are you from? From Santa Fe Ah, from Argentina! The Netherlands Very good What motorcycle do you have? Falcon, Honda This is the Himalayan? Yes Yes Nice bike! yes

I broke my You fell? Yes! Not me, only the bike! Yes and you are from here? He has his house over there Ah! Very good! So I'll see you! Well, I haven't seen this many bikers in a long time! So he is just going home, he lives here wow, what a place to live! Oh look at the little baby lama! oh it's so cute! Sorry about that, but

oh they are so cute Probably they are his lamas I would say wow, imagine living here what a place! incredible in the meantime, I've climbed to 4000 meters altitude at the moment and I think I'm going to do more climbing even not too sure until what altitude but I think a bit more I am now at 4400 meters altitude and I'm still climbing And I made it to the top, this is Kolla Atacamena 4635 meters that's pretty high again really pretty high again, but I think it's good that where I stayed last night in El Penon I stayed at 3500 meters and sleeping at altitude like that really helps in acclimatisation which is necessary because the more North I go the higher the Andes is going to get and soon I'll probably be riding above 5000 meters so this way I'm slowly acclimatising which is quite nice I'm not making very quick progress on this road, I still have 175 kilometers to go it's going all pretty slowly but I'm loving this ride It's stunning around here! The ascent is rather steep so I'm going down quite quickly, I'm already at 4300 meters Oooh! You saw those birds? Almost hit them! Oh wow! Look at this! Well, I think this is perhaps the most stunning view on this trip so far, don't you think? Look! Just unreal right? This is Mirador Salar Antofalla Careful with the environment I don't know what that means So this is the Antofalla salt flat amazing! I can see the road going there So I think I'm crossing the salt flat just a little bit and then on the other side where you see a little bit green that's Antofalla, that's the town and by the looks of it, after the town I start climbing again, see? and again, there is nobody here except for the motorcyclists that I saw nobody I just can't understand it It's so beautiful here, where are all the people? It's a little rocky up here Well, I'm now about 20 minutes later I thought it would be nice to fly the drone here but the drone does not want to fly it's giving me some sort of error and I don't know how to fix that error now, so unfortunately no drone today It feels like this stretch was never going to end finally there in the distance I see the next salt flat and I hope it's a little bit easier I'm all this time riding at 4000 meters altitude and the road, it's tough, it's not easy it's all washboard loose gravel, loose sand big rocks sometimes I'm slipping and sliding so it's quite technical and see I'm out of breath it just takes a lot of energy riding this road, especially with the altitude like I really notice that but I think now I'm going down again to that salt flat so let's see how it's there it's probably getting hot there because it's already yeah it's 13:00 hours now I'm going a lot slower than I anticipated uhh because it's still more than 100 kilometers todays ride so maybe I should eat something, like a muesli bar because I'm a little bit hungry yeah I guess I expected to be a bit further already I mean 100 kilometers to go 65

220 that means I only did 120 kilometers unpaved so on the unpaved part I'm only half-way! It's taking forever, it's really taking a long time I just can't go very fast I need a small break and it's also difficult to park Dhanno because I lost my little plate so I can hardly stop anywhere and yeah, a little while ago one car past me other than that it's absolutely desolate here there is nobody here because I think between that town Antofalla and Tolar Grande where I'm planning to stay I don't think there is any town, there's no people living anywhere and this is not really I guess a connecting road I think most people that visit that area come from the South and most people that visit Tolar Grande come from the North but I think I'm now covering a stretch which is just not very usual I mean, it is so beautiful, it is stunning I'm really bummed I can't use the drone, I don't know what this error means I need to go on the internet to figure out how to fix it but it's extremely beautiful here Alright let's go again Wow! Look at this! I am now standing in front of the "Cono de Arita" and you may think, after seeing all those beautiful stratovolcanoes which this perfect conical shape that this is a volcano too But it's not! This is actually a rock outcrop and it's shaped like this because of erosion, it's a very peculiar site and it's kind of in the middle of this enormous salt flat and this salt flat is the third largest in the Andes, so the one in Uyuni in Bolivia is bigger and in Atacama in Chile This is the third largest and I think the largest in Argentina so but although the Cono de Arita is not of volcanic origin this salt is! This is not a matter of that this was originally a sea and it dried up This salt is all of volcanic origin So it's quite a special area To be honest, I am so glad for this road It just, I don't know if you can see it over there

There are some small buildings I'm thinking those are mining activities or something and I'm pretty sure that they made a proper access road for them because yeah, just as soon as I reached there the road turned into a kind of half paved road, which is kind of nice because I had a really, really long stretch of, I would call it, washboard 20 the worst I ever had Dhanno took a real beating, I just noticed something else that broke, look This is my selfie stick holder that couldn't take it, so it broke off Luckily I still have it So together with the lost foot and the drone which didn't want to work today It's a pretty tough day for man and machine Or woman and machine! I was struggling a little bit it was really quite a tough stretch but I think for now it should be a pretty easy ride, I hope until Tolar Grande

It's still 70 kilometers from here, so it's not so far anymore I think the worst is behind me but yeah, what a place and I so want to fly a drone here but yeah ah well, it's a little bit windy anyway so maybe I couldn't have flow the drone but This is all the salt Looks a bit weird It definitely does not look like the salt flats in Uyuni, those are really flat, there you can drive on it I would not want to drive on this stuff

I think this might actually be even worse then washboard! I'm still at 3470 meters altitude Still quite high but yeah the temperatures here on the salt flat are really quite high so incredible, right? Alright let's go! It's now 14:15 hours so 70 kilometers to go Tolar Grande! I am here! I made it! Hello! Excuse me? I'm looking for the house of Maria Maria? Here? You see this tree? A little further Ok, thank you! Well, they still have the Christmas decorations other side? Wrong side I think No Closed Guesthouse Closed For you alone? Yes Ok, very good So I found a place to stay, this is my room it was not so easy to find a place, everything was closed It is now 16:00 hours, so all in all pretty long day again Yeah, I think today was one of those rides that I don't think I'll forget quite easily I mean, the scenery was really something else and it was for me, myself, it was a bit of a struggle today and I think that that stretch between those two towns between here and Antofalla you know, I can tell by the road that not many people pass there so then at some point you do really feel that it's a feeling that you know, where I am now, for the next 140, 150 kilometers, I am literally the only person here and well, I came across one car, that was it so I don't know, that really gives a different feeling to the ride, it makes it a bit more special I guess but in the end I was really glad that that road from the Cono de Arita until here was pretty much paved not everything but I could ride pretty quickly so that

that was quite nice after that whole bone-rattling ride from before yeah and breaking all sorts of accessories on Dhanno Anyway we made it here in one piece

kind of two pieces missing but hey so so that was it for today, I really hope you liked this video, if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I'll see you in the next video!

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