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Russia’s escalation at the Ukraine border: Show of force or a failed threat to the West? | DW News



  1. with such a fire power Russia just wants to. execute them on is weak neighbors. Russia Europe Big Bully

  2. Let us put in clear terms " I believe it was a sort of warning to everyone" because before this so called "war games" russian president Putin made an annual speech to the country men in his speech he mentioned "few western nation believing poking Russia is some kind of game, he also made a reference to Rudyard Kipling's story "jungle book" where it is a some kind of game in that story to poke the tiger and he drew similarity to the few western countries poking Russia which he warned may prove dangerous rather than to treat it as some kind of "empty threat" better to take it "little more seriously" because unfortunately for the world ,Russia has the ways and means to back up this threat into reality.

  3. West wants everything one their terms.. We want gas, oil and cheap goods but you can't dictate terms.

  4. Thank you DW News.
    Well, whatever he wanted he achieved.
    Maybe is better to let the entire Ukrainian citizens decide among them what is best for themselves?
    Peace and respect from Romania.🕊

  5. Since western powers are unable to provoke Russia and china into war, thank God for the media "Failed threat to the west?" Nice, with a few more taunts like that Russia may actually attack. If im not wrong the entire world was sweating blood when Russia was at the Ukrainian border, convincing them not to. Now that they have relented and left, the main stream news wants to call the Russians Cowards and provoke them into war. When war happens the main stream media has good business to do, maybe the problem is the main stream media?

  6. It's a military exercise as they said long before the US is getting crazy and when the exercise finished so the west tell they afraid 😂

  7. They moved their troops in their own border…While western countries bombs other countries in other continents….. Yeah,SEEMS IMPORTANT AND WORTH MENTIONING

  8. I do recall the Yom Kippur war the Egyptian army used the repeated bluff tactic until the Israeli army stopped responding, it almost worked when they actually attacked.

  9. A dictator that has a higher rating in his country than any western leaders in their own country is a dictator? 😂

  10. Russia has never had any constructive strategy except to cause chaos anything that hurts the west is all they have been pursuing all these decades after the cold War collapsed is like they a nailed in time , never moving,almost like a failed state, the onlything that makes us still hear about Russia is nuclear weapon and attacks of its neibour to draw attention.

  11. It's just a diversion for Putin's internal political needs. Fascism requires perceived external threat. And lately he's really ramped up the fascism internally.

  12. One of the analyst says in that video that the reluctance of western power to use military force, makes Putin appear stronger, for what should western power should be willing to use military force , just because Russia conducted military exercises within its own border, that would be height of "arrogance" or "pigheaded " at its worse.

  13. 😂 The WEST support separatists in China, but they do not support the separatists in Catalonia,Luhank, Crimea and Donbass. How can they explain this hypocrisy?🙄


  15. I like that chair expert telling scary story 😂 people when you will stop invest in clown party's in Ukraine

  16. Yes. Make Putin pay a long term political price for this.
    Sanction his friends like never before and don't invite him to any international summits until Eastern Ukraine is demilitarized.

  17. If I was Putin I wouldn't get troops to the border of Ukraine.

    I would station them in Cuba. Let's watch how the US would react if 150.000 soldiers would be in Cuba and a lot of missiles and battleships.

    The US would go nuts, but they expect Russia should accept it the other way round?

  18. Something tells me that all these countries have a plan. The great world reset. Doing so will leave a few global players that will control the globe.

  19. I think Mr Putin should be reminded that there are many similarities of threatening war by a country and threatening strike by a union. Once the trigger is pulled the future is set and the adversaries go to full attack or full defensive mode. Both know that any repeat threats are likely to cause the stalemate to go in one direcction or the other….. and both will be prepared by that time.
    If there are more threats like this from Russia it should be laid out clearly just what taking their challenge on will mean.. There can be no doubt because of the structures the West has in place that there would be a full and total holocaust waged against Russia. I hope he never forgets that… by his reaction to news media types he seems to have forgotten based on his shrill reaction to a hint of nuclear war. He needs to realize that he does not have a winning hand… but he is willing to risk it. A very risky way to negotiate…. especially with a loosely held together multi headed opponent.

  20. I'm sick and tired of listening to war fanatic stories. The world is a mess because of war fanatics killing each other.

  21. Better show ones super power and strength in conquering and colonizing new habitable planets now when planet earth have a bigger and common enemy global warming then being a bully in the neighborhood

  22. 1. Putin made bis mistake attacking Ukraine in 2014. Money is more efficient tool to get Ukraine to join Russia in 2014.
    2. The troops build ups are impressive..when one is doing it during peace time. Its another story doing it when hundred of cruise missiles flying, hitting your columns.

  23. Neither of them. Show of hypocrisy of the west and the fact that history is just being repeated.

    Yes, it was a test of response. But it was also a test of willingness to fight.

    Edit: This story is so biased towards "hate russia" message that the actual "analyzing" is forgotten

  24. Why would Donald Trump trust our Intelligence services?? They illegally spied on his campaign b4 he was president , they attacked him and spied on him illegally during his time in power , even now they are refusing to investigate Biden and his son , they openly hide evidence to protect the Biden's , the secret service tried taking documents from a gun shop , that proves hunter Biden lied in a federal document about his narcotic use , and should have not been aloud a firearm.

  25. It's time God stand judge Int'l.
    Covic19 Ww3 and oun territorey's
    God is known in Philippines
    God said bring Peace Int'l.
    Build God palace Int'l. Hag.2:8-9 Awit24:1 Rom.13:1

  26. The West is going back to the appeasement tactic of pre-Second World War when the allies hoped to avoid conflict while DOING NOTHING LMAOO If Russia does invade the rest of the Ukraine it's gonna be a 21st century version of the allies accepting the unacceptable but instead of Czechoslovakia it's the Ukraine 🙁

  27. Biden: I do (think Putin is a killer)

    Putin: I can't take anything more personal than that (proceeds to send all Russian troops to the Ukrainian border)

  28. Ukraine: exists long before russia was founded.
    russia: and I took that personally.

  29. Что там вещают , обратно русские плохие?)) привет с Донецка днр😂

  30. The thing is how have we underestimated the Russian threat to this point?🎐🥠🧠🤯

  31. The exercise was I’m sure meant to warn both Ukraine and the USA that the situation in Donbass and the military support from the USA will not be tolerated indefinitely. Putin is not getting any younger so I would imagine that he will be wanting to put this baby to bed sooner than later.

  32. Did East Germany immersed itself into the West Germany or did they both immersed into each other to form a Federal Republic of Germany? I

  33. What is this piece talking about? Most of Russia's men and equipment are still sitting right there on the borders….

  34. Vladimir Putin is an incredibly smart man but I just don't understand why he hates the rest of the world so much.

  35. Russian troops and moves; provocation.
    US/NATO Build-up, troops and moves; exercise.

    Im from the west and its almost funny to see how easy we are being fooled by our weak, lost leaders who will get what they deserve one day.

  36. Oh dear to make a statement that it was a failed threat to the west is downright malicious! Good grief😫 c'mon now DW ucan do better! 🤣 ur proving that media is really a gabber of intruige.

  37. Putin need to see the reaction of a new US president on his plot to expand Ukraine territorial grab beyond Crimea while US busily moved 7th and 11th fleet to South China Sea. 🥱🥱

  38. "If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies. The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred, and self-righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate."

  39. This land rightfully belongs to Russia. The west should stand down. Putin is such a great leader.

  40. Slight of hand.

    Some will never understand what Putin just pulled off. Not the 1st time either 😂😂

  41. Free Tibet,  Free Hong Kong , Free Inner Mongolia, Free Xinjiang, Free Macao, free  Myanmar and protect Taiwan

  42. Since NATO itself is unwilling to use military force to counter Russian agression, Ukraine must be given lethal weapons, including long-distance rockets capable of reaching Moscow. This should make the Kremlin's little dictator think twice.

  43. how to self-promote in 2021:
    the US: let's launch that Webb space telescope.
    Russia: let's conquer some neighbour to restore our former empire

  44. I did not want to see
    Donald x Putin fanfict drawing
    Makes me think about the
    Future and beyond

  45. Holy sh. the amount of russian bots in comment section comared to all other videos combined is absolutely insane.
    @DW BLOCK THE Comment section entirely if you don't moderate it.

  46. They couldn't afford to feed their soldiers for a week on the UKRAINE BORDER end of story

  47. Tell the real story why Russia feels threatening.. Be objective not a false narrative of Russia aggression

  48. Russia withdrew because they are weak and scared that Ukraine would retaliate in Moscow and destroy all the economic achievements of Putin since he came to power.

  49. sorry what i am seeing and hearing on here is you want to fight russia sorry to say if you keep having a go at the Russian bear your going to get it.

  50. you know you're doing something right when the entire world gets worried over standard annual military drills lol

  51. Ukraine was threatening to invade the breakaway regions that's why Russia did the military buildup

  52. In the face of these actions, Biden capitulated regarding the Russian pipeline. Putin won this round.

  53. I don’t think the West expected a deployment that big that fast. NATO doesn’t have the same capability to mobilize. Nice try to save face DW

  54. WOW the west is so paranoid, they literally a military exercise is an act of war 😂😂😂 always demonising Russians

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