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Rosalia – MTV EMAs 2018 De Aqui No Sales / Malamente Medley Live – REACTION VIDEO!!! | Qasim Kiani


yeah I got my son baby boy we won how are you all doing today so in this video I'm going to be reacting to the Rosalia performance at the 2018 MTV EMA's she did I'm a la mente and de aquino solace medley at this specific MTV EMA performance now it took me up quite a long time to look for this performance because it was not available anywhere anywhere on it wasn't available on YouTube it wasn't available on dailymotion on Vimeo on anything like literally was blocked everywhere so I'm kind of putting in a risk by actually we happening to this because I don't know what's gonna happen to this video but I'm gonna be up to it anyway so this is the 2018 performance she did from elementary and yet we know solace is a medley of these few songs and I absolutely love these two songs so I can't wait to see how it's gonna be so let's get right into it yeah I said Monica Wow Wow Wow like honestly Wow like I just don't even have any words to even say about this performance I think this is out of all the performances I've seen of those early years this is definitely one of the best performances and a reason why I say this is because she like and a lot of performances she normally just picks up the mic and has a few dancing has a few dances behind her and she makes it work but this just stepped it up a bit she actually added scenes into it you know she saw the truck at the beginning you know she was including things from her music videos inside her performance which just made me love it even more even the dancing was on point about dancers she had on the stage the way she actually moved around the stage and you know moved to everybody in the audience was just freaking amazing like literally this medley of money meant a and their queen of Solace is just amazing like just the way she performed the dance moves she had on and well she just did it throughout and it was just fun to watch literally saw so fun to watch so if you guys have any other reactions you want to be actually then comment down below and I hope to get to been to the app so other than that don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video goodbye

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