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How about people, how are you? Today is a freestyle day It's 7:00 am it's too early Well I had time without vlogging So well, today I'm going to show you Freestyle day So Are you still sleepy brother? We start! Does this happen to anyone else? 720 Come on throw it! I was scared I have to raise my wrists wait Noo bro, that's another level I thought I was going to do something awesome He said to us: Look, look at this! and did that How hot! There really is too hot I still don't know how I can stand here on the terrace But hey, it was a good freestyle day The only bad thing My hands, but hey

Obviously because of the time without freestyle My hands are too weak How about people, good morning! Today is the second day of freestyle A week has passed Again it is 7:00 am The only bad thing today is that it is a little cloudy So I don't know if it's going to rain Today is a good freestyle day It's a day where I plan to practice new tricks, do new things And practice some tricks I lost that I need to get back So I think it will be a good day But I don't know if my hands hold It has not completely healed If he is cured but they are like weak But hey let's go to the park I already arrived here at the park And the boys have not come Here they come! I thought they were going to come later It took a little Are you going to Merida? (City where it is very cold) Not! Come on Kelvin! I'm really a little disappointed Because the day was going well, I recovered the front flip And I wanted to practice many more tricks Again I got a callus An apology for that Too bad because now every time I come this happens to me So well, I hope you liked this video I want to tell you that I am very active publishing this type of videos Vlogs and other things So stay tuned for the next videos

Source: Youtube

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