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Rommel asks Lorraine about Monica | The Haunted


The samples and designs need to be done by tomorrow because they're still up for Aileen's approval I thought Sir Jordan will be the one to– No

Ma'am Aileen still has the last say on everything Aileen? Oh my god! She woke up? Yes, Nikki! She woke up moments ago My daughter suddenly opened her eyes She's finally awake How is she? Is she okay? She's a bit weak

But what's important is she's awake I know everything's going to be fine now Can I come over right now? Is tomorrow okay with you? Sure, tomorrow it is Let her rest, okay? I'm so happy for you! – Okay, bye – Bye

Angel woke up? Are you visiting her? Can I come with you? We can't be gone here at the same time, right? Lorraine! – Rommel?! – Where's my wife? Where's Monica?! Why are you here?! I made sure I'll get out so I can find you I know you know where Monica is! I already told you! I don't know where she is! Stop lying to me, Lorraine! It's impossible that you don't know because she always confides in you! Before I even told the police about you, many people already knew you were hurting her! Are you going to hurt me too?! I should be the one asking you, Rommel! Where's my friend?! What did you do to Monica? Just admit it! I didn't do anything! You were hurting her! If you could do such a thing, you can definitely do something much worse! Just tell me where she is, or else I'll kill you! – Help! – Tell me! Hey! Miss Lorraine! Miss Lorraine, are you okay? Ma'am, we need to report this to the police Jordan Rommel went to your office earlier and threatened to hurt Lorraine How did he get out of jail, Bernard?! Wasn't he convicted for multiple charges, including illegal possession of firearms? That bastard shot me! According to our records, he was granted parole for good behavior

Good behavior?! Well, he should be brought back to jail after what he did to Lorraine! Better watch your back He might get back at you too since you filed charges against him Forgive me, Monica I'm sorry You'll work overtime again tomorrow?! I hope it's really just for work! If you want me to stay home, it's fine

You can work for us this time What's that supposed to mean? That I'm lazy? No Um I just want– Oh, I know what you want You want to leave me, right?! – Rommel – Answer me! Hey, I'm still talking to you! Answer me! Yes! I want to leave you! I'm sick and tired of being abused by you! Rommel! If you leave me, I'll make you regret it! No matter where you go or hide, I will find you! Go ahead! If you lay another finger on me

What? You'll kill me? Go ahead! I dare you! Come on! Do it! Now's your chance! Stab me! Monica, put that thing down By the way, Lorraine told me Angel has woken up That's right

She's no longer in a coma How is she? She's doing fine The doctor said she's recovering well Glad to hear that How about Aileen? How is she? She's very happy

Bernard, thanks for the update Please find and catch him So we can all have peace of mind "This will be our home"

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