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Roddy Ricch – The Box | VietMix Entertainment


[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I would say what's – who's the city in a bulletproof Cadillac cuz I know you niggas underwear the bag and it got a moose mugs gotta move hard they try to give me five my water I live that's down on my son on my buck I had to trade go with me playing card lot of niggas out here playing name my whole arm in this talk and I know Papa getting keep for the puck shiny Palestine ever since I got a bit a little like a lady a month I got to the city we're getting out the coop in the light turning fucked well folks what busting our trails out the back [Music] [Music] I've been moving them up it's still it with me then he got the booze in the pub to the to the forest put the word in the moat bitch don't wear no shoes in my home the puddin I'm flying in I don't wanna fly again I take my chest entrapped she's sucking on digging on hands with it I just made a ruddy play like a lamb dish I'm 20 President Kennedy gotta put a hundred bands on some of me I've been real against the side I see bigger prick shutting Carly Chris Paul cuz I got a damn mud there's nothing you could tell me yeah yeah Cooper the lights turn the boat well folks what runs on I'll tell that but I just hit live with the box and in a box plug the whole damn few imma get lazy I got the Mojo deals be like cheese cutter niggas all get ketchup turn on wiper nigga no nothing / let I won't never sell my phone and I could packed it I really wanna know [Music]

Source: Youtube

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