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(ROBLOX BREAKING) The “ice valk” promo code IS A SCAM


Have you ever heard about that message you probably received recently saying "hey, if you use the code" ICE "on {scam website}, well, it's a scam and DON'T GO TO THAT LINK! This scam is intended to reinforce your password, since it "asks" (really speeds up) your ROBLOX password This is what the website looks like, it asks for your password, but ROBLOX NEVER EVER! Request your password when you enter a promotion code LOGIN AND START HAVING FUN! >> username> password> login button (it doesn't even give you anything, send the password to these bots) >>>> {text box} [description} Roblox

Media >>>> RobloxMedia is the new website that uses ROBLOX promotion codes found in the official ROBLOX content of Twitch and YouTube! You can use these exclusive items for your character You can also find hidden codes in games that participate in official ROBLOX events To use these codes, use your ROBLOX account to which you want these articles to go and visit the Enter site code section Choose the account you want to use wisely, since you can only receive the items in one account

Download ROBLOX ON YOUR DEVICE on the App Store >> get it on Google Play >> available on Amazon App Store >> Xbox one >> get it from Microsoft This is how the real roblox promotion code site looks and you must log in Enter your code in the box below if you redeemed the code correctly, you will see this: approved green code successfully redeemed The scam website looks like the roblox registration page, but you should have already logged in if you are on the roblox website plus the "roblox on your device" on the scam website, the images and text are not aligned !! Microsoft's image is outside the main image (PEOPLE WITH TOC ARE ACTIVATING NOW) Young children are falling in love with this scam and also some of my friends didn't even enter the code, but the robots still send the message, huh, is this strange? Are bots receiving passwords even before we enter the code? ??? That is the end of the video thanks for watching, liking and subscribing and sharing this video to inform other people because this is an important topic I recommend NOT to click on any link in the roblox chat, including scam bots thanks for all the views thank you very much! <3

Source: Youtube

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