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Robert Pattinson & Robert Eggers Break Down a Scene from 'The Lighthouse' | Fandango All Access


– Every movie about alcohol is normally so sad – Yeah

– No one ever shows the upsides (dynamic upbeat music) – Hi, I'm Robert Eggers – And I'm Robert Pattinson – And this is our "Scene Breakdown" for – "The Lighthouse

" (eerie melodic music) I think it was just water, but we were drinking it though, I mean, there was, it was actually, when I was talking about this the other day, it's hard to do that – Yeah – You literally can't, you felt disgusting afterwards and then it's kind of– – And we did like four takes of that – Yeah, yeah, it's really, really difficult to swallow like Willem, I've got a very pronounced gag reflex – Yeah, and you guys, yeah

(eerie melodic music) ♪ Gypsy little whore, hoo rah ♪ ♪ I'm done with her, don't let me down ♪ – I mean, there was like a very specific dance that we were supposed to be doing, which you can sort of see Willem doing Do you know, I guess I had a different dance to rehearse, I had a kind of a lumberjack dance – Yeah, but I mean, you're doing all the moves around the table with Willem and everything – Yeah, yeah, yeah I feel like because my character is so contained, constricted and kind of early in his sobriety, I kind of wanted to, it wasn't just when he got drunk, 'cause Willem was drinking the whole time, it wasn't like they would end up on the same level

– [Robert E] Yeah, yeah, right – They would just go way beyond, it's not like it's fun to hang out with him, – Yeah – literally it's like, and then when he gets sort of tender with him later, when he's kind of tired and drunk, then it's even more there and it's like they could never quite get on the same page, but I think that's kind of what I was doing – Yeah, that makes total sense, yeah and because generally things are so tamped down in here, the dancing and the drinking is just like revving you up to 110 (eerie melodic orchestral music) – And he's been looking for Willem's validation the whole movie and it's kind of as soon as he's getting his attention and focus, it's literally like he's been wanting a pat on the head for so long, that as soon as he gets the attention on him, it's like a hyperactive child, like you just completely lose your mind

– Yeah, yeah and you're definitely trying to outdo his jig with your lumberjack dance By the way, you can't see Rob's feet, but the dance he's doing is incredibly complicated, Robert Flatley would be very envious – I think that's the only time I've actually successfully managed to do a spin, like wow, yeah, whenever Willem Dafoe shouts, "Dance," at you, it is a different, like normally if someone says hey, do you wanna have a dance? It just wouldn't happen ♪ Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee ♪ – Dance! Dance, Winslow! Dance! (thudding) ♪ Come all you boys, do you want to hear ♪ ♪ How we got to the woods last year ♪ – Yeah, that's one of my favorite performances of yours, I think Rob often surprised me, this was one of these moments, where he went further than I expected, but also slightly different than what my preconceived notions about the character In the end of this clip, when you seem like you're speaking in tongues, like everyone, the entire crew was shocked and it's one of the most memorable moments in the film for me

Rob is singing, I mean, he is singing lyrics here, like if you watch this with subtitles, like this is a lumberjack song ♪ Come all you boys, do you want to hear ♪ ♪ How we got to the woods last year ♪ (garbled singing) – It's kind of hard, 'cause I knew it was in the script, it was he's speeding up and speeding up and speeding up, I think that's like three verses of the song – Yeah, yeah and the recording that you had was like a trillion times slower, – Yeah, yeah – than you were doing it – Right, it was fun

– Like this scene shows you are so extreme Right before this is a montage of masturbating with lots of horror imagery and severed heads – Just before that, yeah – And my brother and Jarin Blaschke, my brother, who wrote this with me and Jarin Blaschke, the DP, we were like okay, so this dancing scene needs to be scarier than a severed head and I think you nailed it – Yes

(eerie melodic orchestral music) There's hardly any movie or any characters or any character arcs, where you could have that sustained, heightened desperation for nine and a half minutes, it was kind of fun – Yeah, yeah, totally – And plus being absolutely obliterated drunk, I don't know how many movies are gonna come out like that again Thanks for watching us, see you in "Breakdown" and be sure to check out "The Lighthouse," it's in theaters right now – And buy your tickets on Fandango

– Woo, woo, woo! (light melodic music)

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