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Robert, hinarap na sa korte ang kasong isinampa ni Romina | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)


Dad Just say you're not guilty

Dad She shouldn't have come here It's my choice to come here, Daddy I want to support Mama And I hope we can settle everything today

– Robert – Romina What's this about? Have you no shame?! You're seriously using your own child?! Daniela, no one is using me It's my decision to come here You're ungrateful, Cassie

You have some nerve doing this Don't talk to my daughter that way, Daniela Let's get this over with We all know how this will end anyway Because your father has alre ady confessed to the crime and he would be a coward if he takes it back

Dad, focus Don't let your emotions get the better of you Your lawyer has prepared everything for the hearing I never thoughtthings would come to this

My family's been split in half We're facing each other in court now That's the reality, Dad And Romina made this happen Nobody else wanted this but her

By this time, you should know what they really are to you your enemy They're here, Romina Thank you for coming here I have the strength to fight becauseI know people like you are here to support me

I'm always willing to help, Romina Hey How are you? Everything okay? I don't know, I'm nervous – I don't really know what to feel right now Cassie, now is the time to be strong, okay? We're not only here for Romina We're here for you, too

You know, Cass, this not just Auntie Romina's fight You're a part of this Her fight is your fight, too Tope's right You must prepare yourself for later

It won't be easy, but knowing you, Cassie, I'm sure you can handle this Yes Because I'm doing this for Mama Whatever the outcome may be, I just want to show Mama that I'll always be there for her no matter what And I know you'll do the same for her

"People of the Philippines versus Robert Mondragon," "Criminal Case Number 38-20164," "for violating the Republic Act 8353," "also known as the Anti-Rape Law of 1997" "You, Robert Mondragon, are being accused of rape" "by Romina Mondragon, which happened" "on the 27th of May, 2002" Do you understand the charges that are filed against you? Yes, ma'am What is your plea, Mr Robert Mondragon? Not guilty, Your Honor

The accused pleaded not guilty, Your Honor After arraignment, the accused, assisted by his counsel, entered the plea of not guilty All parties shall be given notice of the trial schedule, so ordered The session is adjourne [POUNDS GAVEL] [SHOVES CHAIR] How dare you lie in front of this court, Robert! I will never, ever forgive you! Some husband and father you turned out to be, you selfish bastard! I can't stay behind barsbecause I have to save you and Daniela from Hector

You're no different from him!

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