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Road to Tokyo #43: Breaking Point / Olympic Combined Qualifier – Toulouse, France


Today he will decide if I can get to the Olympics I trained a lot last month

I believe I slept well I also feel stress, but I look forward to climbing It starts with speed, then there is a boulder and difficulty I hate to start with speed, it is my least favorite discipline I can't show anything amazing

The goal is to reach my standard, which is 780, 770 I'll be happy with that and it'll kick me in With all the stress I was experiencing here, it was great that there was Iva, my partner, and Patxi, my coach who doesn't normally go to races, but he came and it was great

Who's going to Tokyo? We don't know! The first time I made a mistake, the time was 903 Then I saw Jan Hojer, how he achieved a new personal record I thought I could do it too On my last attempt I went a lot more relaxed

I still think it could have been better, I tried to control it too much But time 74 is great I did not expect that And now there are disciplines that I like

I found it quite simple, I just needed to be in control At the end, I knew I had qualified The first day of the race was really good But today I woke up and knew that I won't be able to race My back and head ache, I had a fever

I was convinced I would not race, I thought I was sure of qualifying for the Olympics But because of the confusion with the Japanese climbers I decided to race so I wouldn't finish eighth In the end I somehow managed to perform well

I finished second, which is like a fairy tale I'm really tired, I want to go to bed! Toulouse was the worst race ever in my career I wasn't nervous just days, but weeks before The training went well, so I was confident But I'm glad it's over

Now I can concentrate on training for the Olympics Dear friends! We have prepared a special Christmas present for you! We will stream questions and answers live Your questions, my answers We will also give away some nice gifts Remember this day and see you here!

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