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Risk’s Record-Breaking Mural


Newsreader: "Take a look at the old St Joseph's Hospital, ready for its makeover at 80,000 square feet work is now underway by Kelly Graval also "Risk," and a small crew of four from Los Angeles, California have only just 10 days to complete the mural reporting live here

back to you" Risk: That's a big buildinghelicopter padprobably seven or eight stories? In the past I've done so much buildings I've never like, measured them, or thought about them, but this is clearly the biggest I've ever seen When I saw the building I was like dude

it's a month to mask off the building at least, and they were like "nah paint the windows," I was like what!? Kwest: As soon as I said you know you can paint this whole Hospital okay you know that was it like he was just like Christian: and that's when we got the email going I think it was a four-word email that just said "Risk wants the Hospital" Risk: so it's gonna be fun and crazy because I'm not bringing like dudes that paint with me for twenty years, i'm bringing these dudes out they just can get s**t done right? 'Cos it's gonna be about getting mass amounts of paint on a building quick and then I'm gonna spend last couple days tying it in and making it look cool It's gonna be a challenge but you know, that's 80,000 square feet You know Monster Energy and I have been talking a long time about doing something big and so this is big! Brian: It's a cool building you know everybody spent time here everybody was born here Risk: Like on the plane on the way here people were like "I was born in the hospital" and everyone keeps hitting me saying they were born here so I guess this was a very established main hospital here Maggie: This is a building that has a lot of emotional attachment for people and we're putting something beautiful on it at least while it's here it's something beautiful and when people look at it they're also gonna remember the beautiful memories that they had in this building Risk: Saint Joseph's Hospital, built in 1949 and I'm here to transform it give it its last breath of life Brian: There's a busy street that goes right in front of the building and I lost count of how many people drove by and honked and gave a thumbs up or yelled "great job!"sure some people aren't gonna like it, you know but our intention was to turn something that was really an eyesore into the community, into something beautiful and bring some color to Sudbury Christian: There's nothing that beats turning that corner on Paris Street driving by and just seeing this wash of color like you turn that corner and it's just "holy s**t" Brian: Sloan's out of LA nothing gets him down He's always positive (laughs) he does this for a living He's a commercial painter and then you have Evan doesn't say much no matter what you tell him he'll get it done

If you tell him to jump on the 135-foot boom lift and take it to the top of the building on his own and unload a generator on low paint he's on the lift and he's on his way up to the top of the building no questions asked he just does it and then Caesar this is first time Caesar's ever done something like this Caesar: I took this course, says I'm certified to drive these things, so it's all good I got this Brian: and Caesar's sort of our I guess swing man you know if we need somebody to jump on a small lift and go paint something or drive a lift somewhereand Caesar's also our comic relief

they don't have tacos Brian: I work with a lot of artists Risk is my favorite artist for a number of different reasons In my eyes the graffiti movement is possibly the most important art movement in the history of art and he's a pioneer in that Kwest: I'd say he's like the West Coast "Don" of graffiti

if not the most important foundational West Coast graffiti writer, he's in the top three Christian: He pioneered a lot of the the street art on the west coast with like the high-rises and billboards, big overpasses and stuff Kind of moved away from that towards more of the gallery world and was able to do that leap which is awesome and now he's doing these giant more contemporary art pieces around the world Brian: He's taking his art way beyond graffiti He is now an extremely accomplished contemporary artist with the sculptures that he does the neons that he does What he does here with these murals, it's not graffiti, it's it's color wash, it's part of color theory although he uses a graffiti color palette and some of the fundamental things about graffiti are reflected in his murals

Kwest: You know he's still who he is, he still produces his work as he would have 20 years ago This day in age there's a lot of people who lose that you know they sort of forget about where they're from and then start you know bending the knee or whatever but Kelly's just blazed, you know? Christian: It's a really big deal to have Risk at our festival for our fifth edition Caesar: Well we're gonna leave behind a lot of color! Kwest: I just want to walk away knowing that yeah we did the largest mural in Canada We painted it as we wanted to, that's a win you know? If we walk away and we're just happy with what we've done Sloan: Probably the baddest a**ed piece of art in Canada period, but they get a lot of snow here too so, can you imagine like, to see this thing in the middle of winter? Maggie: I hope it brings pride to the community

I hope it also brings peace to some people who struggle with the fact that nothing's been done with this building for ten years Risk: I wanted to make an impact, a statement and invoke a lot of emotion of color I think we definitely invoked emotion, I hope it's the right emotion, I hope people like it Thank you for everybody's come by and given us water and talk to us, shared stories with us and had drinks with us in the bar, brought us food and all that Awesome, thank you guys

and I hope you like it When you're driving by here, when you're on the lake When you're seeing photos online if you're not from Sudbury, or if you're watching videos about it, I want everyone to leave with the sense of wonder, with the sense of magic With the sense of "how the hell did they do that!?"

Source: Youtube

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