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Rio asks Billy if she is stealing Gabo | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)


Sputnik, I'm at our meeting place now Are you still on your way? It's okay

Take care Bye Someone spiked my drink Do I need to show you my medical certificate? Or will it be pointless because you've already jumped to conclusions? It's alright, I understand You're his girlfriend, so it's only natural that– Are you trying to steal my boyfriend? No

Then why are you forcing yourself on him? I'm not forcing myself on him And more importantly, I don't need to explain everything to you This conversation is over I don't want to start a fight, but if that's what you want, I'll just take my leave I know what happened between you two in Croatia

Then he probably told you how he just disappeared and left me alone I didn't even know that you existed He lied to me And trust me, I have no intention of getting back with a cheater, if that's what you wanted to hear We weren't together when you guys met

Gab is many things, but he is not a cheater He told me he needed time to find himself So, I let him go, even though it was painful for me Whether or not he cheated on you, it doesn't change the fact that he left me And judging from our situation now, he definitely chose you

But you still love him But not enough to make a fool of myself So, if I were you I'd fix things up right away Because only you and Gabo can answer your questions, not me

Source: Youtube

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